city at the edge of midnight

The city at the edge of midnight is ruled by the Nightwalker and his demons. The city houses a clock that will destroy the Nightwalker if it ever chimes midnight. To remedy this the Nightwalker abducts and enslaves children, making them sabotage the clock's mechanism by cranking the hands back in an endless backbreaking chore.

It is unclear whether the city is part of the Realm or a separate dimension although Ramoud had resigned himself to not being able to reach the city and rescue his missing daughter Ayesha which may suggest it is not located on the Realm.


  1. Awesome episode,very spooky city I thought.

  2. If the city is not in the Realm then maybe it is in Ravenloft.

  3. Cheers thx! :-D
    Its my fav episode of them all :-D