The tentacled and cloven-hoofed demodrgaon is a powerful two-headed dragon created by and enslaved by Venger's sorcery. Dungeon Master describes it as "a terrible creature; half demon, half dragon, who's power could devestate the Realm." Its red head breathes fire and its blue head breathes icy blasts, and were responsible for burning the Wondrous Wood and freezing the Alicorn River.

Venger commands it to attack Tardos Keep in the hope that Queen Sulinara will use some of the dragonbane herb against it, so that he can then salvage the dragonbane and use it to defeat Tiamat the dragon. The demodragon steals the heroes' totems but their enchantments clash with his sorcery and disrupt the spell used to enslave the monster.

The demodragon rampages, and in a bid to salvage their totems the heroes make a truce with Venger who betrays them by sending them to confront it with a powerless talisman. The demodragon is defeated when it grabs Uni who is unknowingly wearing a dragonbane garland given to her by Dungeon Master who was in the guise of a gardener. The demodragon glows spectacularly and disappears when accidentally touching the garland.


  1. How cool it would of been to see tiamat fight with this dragon!! Really wanted the children to get tiamat's help fighting it!! I always thought why venger didn't use demodragon to help him beat tiamat also when it was stated it could destroy all the realm??

    1. I think Tiamat would win in a battle against the demodragon because she's got three extra breath weapons; chlorine, acid and electricity. How's demodragon going to trump that? Tickle her with those tentacles?

    2. Venger seemed as scared of demodragon as he does of tiamat,he states it will destory all the realm,not sure how much tiamat would harm it,i think stalemate in a battle with those two dragons perhaps.

  2. when Dungeon Master says it'll destroy the whole realm he could possibly mean that if the two dragons met it'll result in a battle that will result in total destruction?

  3. An epic dragon battle would have been cool but my opinion is that Tiamat would win with minimal damage.

    Venger was so scared of Tiamat that he created this monster purely to use as a threat to obtain the dragonbane.

    If demo-dragon stood a real chance against Tiamat then Venger would have used it straight away.

    Also - isn't Tiamat more-or-less a deity among dragons? Demodragon may have (at least half) a compulsion to obey her. Yikes!