Dragon's Graveyard

The Dragon's Graveyard is where Tiamat the dragon lives and where dragons go to die. The graveyard is littered with the bones of dragons plus the skeletons of humanoids with dragonish skulls, all clutching weapons similar to the heroes' totems.

The graveyard is inside a volcanic crater and it is possible the location is on one of the Realm's three moons. Other than the cratered landscape suggesting a lunar location, the horizon is featureless and reflects star-speckled space, despite the previous scene being daytime. (Although it is possible the graveyard is in another hemisphere where it is night-time.)

Dungeon Master says to the heroes that they are to return to the Realm. If the planet is called the Realm then being on one of the moons would involve a return to the Realm. Another explanation for this phrasing would be that the graveyard is in another dimension. Tiamat uses wormholes to travel to and from the graveyard suggesting she cannot fly the distance because of the vacuum of space and the time required (reinforcing the lunar location theory) or because it cannot be traversed by flight (reinforcing an other dimension theory). Similarly, Dungeon Master teleports Venger and the heroes home, suggesting normal locomotion is impractical or impossible. Also, the heroes are only able to reach the graveyard by being teleported there by their totems.

The heroes' totems come from the Dragon's Graveyard and because of this are more powerful than when on the Realm.

(The below picture is scanned from the Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series Handbook.)


  1. One thing I've wondered is that, since dragons go to the Graveyard to die, why does Tiamat LIVE there??

  2. Well she's supposed to be the queen of dragons and I imagine the graveyard is a sacred place to dragons so possibly she has a custodial role and serves as its guardian.

    Or maybe she's dying too?

  3. I like those possibilities. Thought-inspiring. . . . She might also have an arrangement with Dungeon Master to guard the weapons. She might choose to live there because the Realm depresses her and she feels the needs to be with the bones of her kin.

    I wrote in a fic once that Tiamat found/established this place, which was out-of-reach to humans, because she couldn't tolerate that, during the war with Man, they'd use the dragons they'd killed for food, tools, and jewelry. And ever after, she felt the need to make that place her home.

    What I always wondered about is what kind of dragon the GIGANTIC one was - - - that from which Tiamat emerged from the skull's eye socket. I would love to have seen that dragon during its day!

  4. Ooh, maybe the gigantic skeleton was the legendary Rogull?

  5. Ooo! Good call! Good call. . . . *ponders*

  6. Both of you are on to something. As she is/probably was Queen of the Dragons, maybe he was King of the Dragons?

  7. I hope it was only a symbolic relationship because, wow, size difference. . . . I'll leave it at that.