Duke of Darkness

The Dungeon Master informs the heroes that the Duke Of Darkness has taken over a land but is interrupted by Hank before he can name the place. (However, in the script for the episode he manages to name it as Oregonia before the interruption.) The heroes refuse this new quest and demand to know how to find the Tiamat the dragon and how to use her to beat Venger.


  1. Loved to of seen this adventure!

  2. too bad there couldn't have been a storyline like this...
    part 1 --mirror universive the kids find themselves in a pareell universive with a venger's good twin a wizard named Argent {silver} in a land where there are evil counterpoints of the kids...in part 2 are defeating their evil twins the kids try to escape....in presto eleavator which is hit by a magic blast from the duke of darkness who intends to enslave the kids into doing his evil bidding