Forbidden Tower

The Forbidden Tower is located relatively close to the Swamp Of Darkness and is the tower in which Venger holds Varla captive. She is imprisoned by a hewn statue of Venger that fires energy from its fingertips, engulfing Varla in an impenetrable bubble.

In the cartoon it is not evident that the statue is of Venger but a documentary with storyboard artist Michael Swanigan uses the entire artwork as a backdrop and shows the distinctive singular horn of Venger that was cropped out in the cartoon. (Although the horn is on the wrong side of the head.) The statue also appears on the cover of Mill Creek's Into The Magical Realm DVD but with the image reversed to align the horn correctly.

The tower is destroyed by Venger battling an illusory Tiamat that Varla conjured.

In the original script the tower is called the Tower of Brimstone.

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