graveyard skeletons

Among the dragon bones in the Dragon's Graveyard are the skeletons of dragonish humanoids with reptilian skulls and taloned hands and feet. Each armed with weapons similar to the heroes' totems, as the graveyard is where their own totems originated from.

The cartoon does not explain the skeletons purpose in the graveyard and the viewer has to speculate about their presence their. Were they in a battle against the dragons? Or in a battle allied with the dragons against some other foe? Or were they the graveyard's wardens with Tiamat assuming stewardship upon their defeat or possibly responsible for their defeat to gain ownership of the graveyard?

The original script answers this question; the dragonish skeletons were in a battle against the dragons. One of the swords is described as being lodged in between a dragon's ribcage to emphasise battle but this is not shown in the cartoon.

Venger animates five of these skeletons by commanding them to arise and they attack the heroes.

The bones of the sword-wielding skeleton turn brown when he is defeated. This is not a colouration goof; Standards & Practices did not want them reduced to bones when destroyed so a compromise was made by having them turn to dust instead, explaining the brown colouration. However, the animators only coloured the first destroyed skeleton brown and the following three remained normal.

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  1. a connunity goof-4 of the five skelatons are turned back to bones; according to the script Shelia uses her cloack to break apart the skelation that attacks her with its own weopon-not shown in the episode!