Jimmy Whittaker

Jimmy Whittaker was a friend of the heroes and wanted to go to the amusement park with them but had homework instead. He was abducted from his bedroom by the Nightwalker and taken to the City at the Edge of Midnight but was rescued by the heroes who were surprised to see him. The abduction was witnessed by his astonished father.

In his bedroom is a poster of Olter Space and two Dungeons & Dragons action figures; Bowmarc and Ogre King.

It is a coincidence that Jimmy should be abducted by an otherworldly agent just like the heroes when he was supposed to join them on the fated Dungeons & Dragons ride, more so when it is the heroes who rescue him. Possibly the Nightwalker chose Jimmy as he was preordained to enter the Realm with the heroes but managed to avoid his fate because of homework obligations.


  1. Here there is An. Interesting fact. When Jimmy is found by the chilrem he claims it was still Sunday. From that line everybody assumed that the time of the Realm runs faster compared to Earth. But I say it is the City at the Edge of Midnight, for two reasons

    1) The Nightwalker forced the children to work to stop the from hitting midnight, so the time must be nonexistent, that's why Jimmy thought it was stil Sunday.

    2) In "Search for the Dungeon Master", Bobby cites a sports event that happened in 1981, and initially the Know Tree mistakes it for the one happening that year in the Realm, so both the Realm and Earth's time must run along.

    Also, i've been trying to precise the exact year in which the series takes place, and after watching the episodes many times, I reached a conclusion. Let's see:

    On "Servant of Evil", Bobby turns nine.

    Some episodes later, on "The Lost Children", he claims to be nearly ten.

    On "The Time Lost", Hank tells Joseff that the War ended fourth years ago.

    So, if we consider these tree bits of information, the series must have taken place between 1984 and 1985. Bobby turned nine on November 5 (the episode's air date), and the others are probably still going to reach their birthdays.

    So, if we consider that, the heroes' birthdates must be:

    Hank: 1969
    Eric: 1969
    Diana: 1970
    Sheila: 1970
    Presto 1970
    Bobby: 1975

    Though this is only a supposition.

  2. A Sunday trip to the park and the kids get zapped away!! But I still feel that time is different in the realm to earth's. Moves much much slower I'd say.