Korlock is a wizard who has spent his life searching for the Stone Of Astra. When he spies Lorne with the talisman in a gypsy camp he follows him and in a final confrontation forces the boy to surrender it by threatening the gypsies and the heroes. He disregards Dungeon Master's warning about the talisman being evil and uses it to battle and defeat Venger who tries to claim the talisman for himself. Korlock then has an epiphany and surrenders the talisman saying that his battle with Venger was "the first victory of my sad life, Dungeon Master, and my last." Dungeon Master disagrees as Korlock has accumulated another victory by rejecting the talisman.

The episode ends with Dungeon Master telling Korlock that he is free from the evil of the twelve talismans and as he does so Korlock shimmers with blue energy and looks surprised. Presumably this is the evil magic dissipating from him as the same blue energy was used by Korlock to levitate rocks and create force fields.

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