Kosar is eighteen years old and had been imprisoned in the dungeons of Torad for ten years by the demonic Queen Syrith since he was eight. She feared him being instrumental in the stargazer's child prophecy that would end her millennium long reign on the eve of Starfall. Travar had him secretly released in the hope that he would fulfil the prophecy; as he is from a distant land and is the child of an astrologer. Shortly after his release he met Diana and the two fell in love. Queen Syrith cast a spell to specifically abduct the child of the stargazer but ended up with both Kosar and Diana who escaped and with the help of Droga made it to Torad's Temple Of Light to fulfil the prophecy. Kosar metamorphosed into a being of light and shot up into space like a reverse shooting star.

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  1. Kosar sounds like Don Most voiced him. For years I wondered about that.