orc disguise

When the heroes are about to be discovered in the Forbidden Tower the captured illusionist Varla makes them look like a group of orcs. (Yes, that is Uni on all fours far right.)

If you look at the images below you can see that there is very little consistency in the illusion, with the cloaks changing colour being the most obvious. This could be discounted as an animation goof or justified by the fact that the weakened Varla made an imperfect illusion.


  1. I'm revealing my inner geekdom. See, in assertion to my previous comment on Bobby's voice coming from sheila's body- this is what I mean- Sheila, shown here in violet cloak, is clearly the one standing next to Uni. Note the 'busty' orc. The ensuing frames show two orcs wearing violet cloaks but this one clearly indicates it is Sheila. Bobby is the one right behind Uni.

  2. I was actually going to update this article with a step by step (or screengrab by screengrab) of all the mistakes in this scene. The cloaks change colour and at one point five orcs are wearing a purple cloak. No wonder Venger got suspicious.

    Other than a signpost for the viewers I don't even know why Sheila has her cloak showing as Venger had stolen it so Varla would have no knowledge of it. Possibly there's a bit of telepathy going on because Varla can astrally project so maybe she got a stray thought about Sheila and her cloak and subconsciously worked it into the illusion?

    This could also explain why Varla - who had no idea who Tiamat was other than a five-headed dragon - managed to create a perfect illusion complete with correctly coloured heads; by getting a stray thought from the kids about exactly what Tiamat looked like.

  3. Scrap that cloak thing. Varla would have seen the cloak because Venger stashed the totems away in plain view of her. Though she wouldn't have known who it belonged to other than thinking it would've matched Sheila's outfit nicely. (That's how girls think, right?)

    Still doesn't explain how she knew exactly what Tiamat looked like just by going on a five-headed, winged dragon that's as big as a barn.

  4. I think you nailed it when you said that she may be telepathic. I'd just go with that.