Ramoud helps rescue the heroes from the Forbidden Oasis Of No Return and the hook horrors that inhabit it. He introduces himself as a caravan merchant from Kahdesh but Dungeon Master reveals later that this was just a disguise he adopted to look for his daughter Ayesha and that he is in fact "the king of a vast land to the east." When posing as a caravan merchant he did mentioned his palace although the heroes never queried this, possibly thinking it a grandiose term for his impressive tented camp.

Ramoud is cheerful and bold and has a catch phrase that is "allez-oop" (a circus acrobat's cry before a leap). He is paternal towards the heroes and invites them to stay with him and Ayesha permanently but they refuse; wanting to find their own way home.

Ramoud has a scimitar that when struck emits a powerful resonance that can shatter stone and hurl enemies backwards.

It is possible that Ramoud has encountered people from contemporary Earth before as he uses the colloquialism "hot stuff"  and asks the heroes if that is the right application.


  1. Again another character whom would of been great to see pop up in other episode/episodes,nice magical weapon and a good fighter,think my friend had the hook horror action figure from this episode also.

  2. also the use of baku mounts was for me the most awesome moment in cartoon history.