child of the stargazer

The stargazer's child is destined to fulfil a prophecy that will destroy the demonic Queen Syrith and end her reign over the city of Torad. The stargazer's child must come from a distant land and have a parent who is a stargazer. (Both Kosar and Diana were capable of fulfilling the prophecy as they both ticked the criteria of being from a distant land and having fathers that were astrologers and astronomers respectively.) To complete this prophecy the stargazer's child must be in the Temple Of Light on Starfall when something resembling a shooting star enters the temple and creates a column of light that must be entered.

Both Kosar and Diana fulfilled the prophecy. Kosar was about to enter the column of light but was struck down by Queen Syrith's sorcery so Diana entered it instead and was metamorphosed into a being of light. She destroyed the queen and opened a portal back home. The heroes are about to go through it when Sheila who is cradling an injured Kosar reminds Diana of something that Dungeon Master said earlier "one of among us must chose between home and the heart." Instead of keeping the portal open Diana closes it and uses the power to heal Kosar instead. Diana and Kosar swap places with Kosar now composed of light who shoots up into space like a reverse shooting star.

Dungeon Master consoled a heartbroken Diana by saying that "you knew him a long, long time ago. And you shall know him again in time to come." Then when queried about where he has gone replies, "to a place among the stars. To a place beyond your understanding. He has gone home but he will remember you and you shall meet him again."

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