Stone Of Astra

The Stone of Astra is a magical talisman that Dungeon Master has instructed the heroes to find. It is found by a young boy named Lorne in the ruins of some caravans and sought by a misguided wizard named Korlock but also by Venger. The talisman is powerful but dangerous, projecting bolts of destructive pink energy. Korlock steals the talisman from Lorne by threatening the heroes and some caravanners but Dungeon Master intervenes and gives the stark warning that "evil will hound you to the end of your life, as it has every possessor of the twelfth talisman including the boy [Lorne]." Korlock ignores the warning but after using the talisman in a triumphant battle with Venger he changes his mind and relinquishes it.

The Stone of Astra is also known as the twelfth talisman so presumably there are eleven others.

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