flying warrior

Venger makes Varla disguise himself and nightmare as a mounted heroic Greek warrior with one of her illusions. He accuses the heroes of being evil in front of villagers and confiscates their totems. Varla failed to disguise Venger's evil voice properly but despite this, the flying horse and wanting their totems the heroes still did not guess it was Venger.

The disguise is called a Flying Warrior in the script but the animation is based on the Young Male Titan action figure.


  1. I remember first getting this action figure,looked amazing with all those weapons!! Great toy!!

  2. Venger: "You owe me nothing...but you owe them.... no mercy! They are nothing but wizards... and witches. They are the ones responsible for the sorcery in your good village!"

  3. Heh, Venger screwed them over good and proper in that episode. I but he had right chuckle on the way back.

    "We should do stuff like this more often, nightmare."