totem cave

In the Series Bible the heroes do not appear overground in the Realm, garbed as their class, before being assigned a class and totem by the Dungeon Master. Instead they appear in a cavern in their normal clothes and find the six totems there. They are drawn one by one to a totem and touching it become transformed into the designated class; with their clothes changing too. Hank the ranger, Diana the acrobat, Presto the wizard, Sheila the thief, Bobby the barbarian and Eric the cavalier are the order in which they are transformed. The disembodied voice of the Dungeon Master then guides them through the caverns to the Realm's surface.

lava flats

The heroes rendezvous with the Dungeon Master at some lava flats. Beyond this volcanic area a path forks and the geography changes radically with the right fork leading to a swamp and the left fork leading to a  jungle and then a desert. Both the swamp and the desert have sink-holes leading down into the bogbeasts' valley.

Makusa mountains

The Makusa mountains are mentioned in the choose-your-own-adventure story Quest For The Stolen Sapphire which appeared in the 1986 Dungeons & Dragons annual.

"Venger has stolen a priceless sapphire from an ancient shrine... The stone is closely guarded by a golden dragon whose lair is deep within the Makusa Mountains."


After one of Presto's spells go wrong the heroes find themselves teleported into a massive vivarium that is home to Willy the slime beast.

floating islands

Dotted around the Realm are floating islands. They are first seen in the introduction sequence but it is possible that Merlin's castle and the giant's castle are both built on them.


The cenotaph is located on the brink of the Realm's Edge. It is a crumbling tower described as being of skyscraper proportions and has a moucharaby near the top. The door is in the shape of a stylized dragon's head. The uppermost part of the cenotaph is a sanctum, similar to a cathedral. On one wall is a vault with ornate intaglio that obscures a keyhole to a hidden door that is unlocked by a key. While the opposite wall has collapsed revealing the Abyss beyond. In the middle of the sanctum is a sarcophagus with the lid carved to look like Venger in repose, but as he was before his demonic transformation and lacking his fangs, horn and wings.

Realm's Edge

The southernmost point of the Realm which is a cliff overlooking the Abyss. The cenotaph stands here on the brink.


These bipedal, froglike monsters have rudimentary speech and live in the swamps and jungles of the Realm. Warduke employed them as soldiers to capture the Dungeon Master. These primitive monsters may be superstitious as a group of them who were pursuing the heroes needlessly vandalised a roller coaster car on discovering the strange vehicle.

One delicacy of the bullywugs are giant flies and these monsters seem to crave them enough to forget about skirmishes in favour of  catching them with their long, retractable tongues.


Norgacite is a precious metal mined by slaves from the Minosian mines in an operation overseen by the warlord Torbolt. He uses the metal to somehow power the scrying properties of his Pool of Vision.


An animated gargoyle acts as a henchman for the evil sorceress Skylla in the Yugol And The Curse Of Stone premise.


These ogres work for the warlord Torbolt as slavers; capturing slaves and making them work in the mines of Minosia to extract the Norgacite veins. The ogres also employ trolls in some slaving capacity, who herd potential slaves into the mines. The ogres are native to the land of Minosia.


An otherworldly man formed out of sand who sends those he encounters into a deep slumber but otherwise does not harm them. The heroes encounter one who guards the land of the Tolpits' borders.


The evil Skylla is a beautiful sorceress who uses an illusory disguise to appear as a feeble old woman, possibly to  lull her enemies into a false sense of security. She has turned king Yugol to stone with a curse but ends up similarly petrified when she tries to curse Presto too but he reflects it with the charm versus stone that the Dungeon Master gave the heroes. Other magic that Skylla can perform is summoning a golden cage around people. Skylla lives in a narrow tower that is like a grotto inside. She has a gargoyle for a henchman.

wart face

Inside the Prison of Agony an indignant Eric insults another prisoner who is fingering his clothing with the phrase "wart face."

The prisoner was billed as a gnarly-looking gnome in the original script.

tentacled creature

Billed as a tentacled creature in the script this monster inside the Prison of Agony wraps a few tentacles around Eric and asks if he is lunch.

Dungeon Master look-alike

While in the Prison of Agony a relieved Eric approaches a creature who looks exactly like the Dungeon Master from behind. The creature turns around growling and slavering and startles the cavalier who apologises and backs away into a tentacled creature.

In the script it responds with an evil hissing and says, "get your filthy paws off me!"