Cave Of The Fairie Dragons

The storyboard can be read here but below is a synopsis.

The heroes are bathing near a waterfall when Dungeon Master appears and tells them of a way home. He advises them on seeking reflections of what they are and what they desire but that a giant sacrifice may be required to save a tiny friend, then urges them to remember that the smallest deed may yield the largest reward. Dismissive of his riddles Eric walks off to retrieve his clothes from a rock that turns out to be a nest of giant ants who erupt out and attack.

While Eric is busy searching for his clothes and shield that fell into the water Diana vaults on to one of the giant ants and tries to ride it like a mount but another ant grabs her in its mandibles. Hank tries to save her by notching an energy arrow but he is also captured along with Presto. Bobby smashes his club down on the ground and the vibrations seem to disorientate them temporarily. The heroes flee across some stepping stones towards the waterfall with the giant ants in pursuit.

A female voice from behind the waterfall beckons them over and when the heroes investigate they find that there is a hidden tunnel behind it and that the speaker is a fairie dragon named Amber who befriends them, taking a special liking to Presto and resting inside his hat.

The heroes soon reach the end of the tunnel that opens up onto a mountainside and are met by another fairie dragon called Flar who informs Amber that queen Tasmira has been captured by king Varin's army. The heroes offer to help and following Amber and Flar climb up the mountain to a cave where the other fairie dragons are while Amber informs them that the humans are friendly. Presto loses his footing and stumbles off the cliff but Shiela and Amber catch him while Hank fires two energy arrows that land beneath Presto to become footholds, allowing him to climb up.

Inside the cave Amber explains that king Varin is holding queen Tasmira ransom and is demanding all their treasure for her return. She then escorts the heroes to his castle.

At the castle Sheila becomes invisible and creeping into the courtyard startles a horse, causing it to bolt with its wagon while the guards pursue it. The heroes and Amber then enter the castle and search its dungeons with Eric and Uni remaining upstairs on guard.

Queen Tasmira is found caged in an unlocked cell but when Bobby tries to break the cage with his club nothing happens. Similarly, when Hank tries to notch an energy arrow one does not materialise. King Varin and some guards appears by the doorway and boasts that his wizard constructed the prison and that magic will not work inside it. He then throws a captured Eric and Uni inside and locks the door.

Later on Amber appears outside the door and explains that she flew out when Eric and Uni were being tossed in, before flying off to fetch help.

Hank breaks the cage open by levering the lock with his bow and queen Tasmira explains the plight of the fairie dragons. Years ago they used to live in the Forest of Mists but a nearby volcano exploded and burnt it. Having been told that they could make a new home in the Forest At The Edge Of The World they have been on an exodus for many generation to find it, with the caves being a temporary home.

Amber is spotted fleeing the castle by two guards who pursue her through a nearby forest. Not wanting to lead them to the other fairie dragons she leads them on a goose-chase.

Hank realises that although Presto's hat won't work inside the prison it will work if he reaches through the bars. Doing so Presto conjures termites who eat the wooden door, freeing them.

In the courtyard queen Tasmira casts a spell that makes two of the guards sleep and then stealing their cloaks Eric and Hank pretend to be guards escorting Diana, Presto, Bobby and Uni out of the castle with Sheila invisible and the diminutive queen Tasmira hidden. The subterfuge is successful and they escape into the forest.

The two guards pursuing Amber spot her flying into the fairie dragons' cave and one remains while the other returns to inform king Varin.

Reaching the fairie dragons' cave queen Tasmira thanks the heroes and escorts them to a treasure-laden cave, saying that they may have whatever they want from the treasury as a reward.

Meanwhile Amber is teaching Presto how to levitate stones tied to a piece of string, like a helium balloon.

The heroes join Amber and Presto just as another fairie dragon informs them that king Varin's army is attacking the caves. There is an explosion as the army tries to widen the entrance and the caves fill with soldiers. Hank fires energy arrows that solidify into a pane of glass and seal the tunnel off but the soldiers soon shatter it and advance. The heroes and the farie dragons retreat to the treasury.

Standing by a mirror Eric despairs about not finding a way home when the glass reveals the amusement park. It is a magic mirror that has opened a portal to wherever desired. Queen Tasmira is surprised, not knowing it was enchanted.

Hank commands the mirror to open a portal up to the Forest At The Edge Of The World and the fairie dragons begin flying through. Queen Tasmira frets about the treasure so the heroes begin shovelling it through, using Eric's shield. She then flies through into the forest after Hank assures her that they will use the mirror to escape into the amusement park.

But king Varin's army breaks through the treasury door and the heroes realise they cannot flee and must destroy the mirror otherwise the soldiers will follow into the forest. A reluctant Eric smashes it with his shield.

The heroes are captured and taken back to king Varin who demands to know where the treasure is. Presto casts the spell that Amber taught him and king Varin and his men levitate helplessly, allowing the heroes to escape at a leisurely pace.


  1. Never really liked this episode,its the only one i thought was a weak storyline. A bit boring against the stories we got used to seeing,maybe we were just a bit spoilt with the other episodes lol.

  2. ...agreed, and it was rife with errors. How does Eric crash through Varin's troops with his shield in one frame, then end up with the rest of the Young Ones in the next. Also, Hank says 'this ought to hold him up for a while' then they crack through it one second later!
    All in all, it's a pretty weak storyline for a near-final episode, but still a better episode than many cartoons on at that time.

  3. I just read that this author suffered from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), an ailment that includes symptoms such as post-exertional malaise, and standing pain.

    Yet in spite of this setback, Kathy Lawrence (Selbert) continued to write. In 1996 the Writers Guild of America nominated her for Outstanding Script for "Icebound", an episode of Hypernauts, a live-action science fiction series.

    According to Wikipedia, she put an end to her life in 2004. Her body was discovered at San Pedro River in Arizona along with a suicide note.

    1. Wow such a sad story. Brave Lady and very noble to carry on writing,feel bad with my slight negative comment now.

  4. Another very boring episode. I agree with all of you too. I guess the last good episode was in fact "The Time Lost". After that borigness began for this fabulous show.

  5. This is another bored episode. I agree with you guys. I think the last good episode was "The Time Lost", after that borigness began for this fabulous show.

  6. according to the Big cartoondatabase this is the last episode of the series

  7. Note the storyboard shows clearly that Queen Tasmira goes through the mirror to the Forest of Msts witthe other dragons-it wss an animators mistake that shows the amusement park in background as she flys through mirror; also it another dragon not Queen TASmira who frets about the treasure. Aa good episode to end the series especially dungeonmasters last words about understandng

  8. as the last made episode...not bad with DM having the last word. Incidently even in Requeriam had been made it was still a cliffhanger if the kids ever get home or not! There is a D & D fansight Fanfiction where anyone can write their versions of the kids either arriving or finally leaving the realm...I myself wrote 4 short stories...not long enough to have been episode scripts..but would have done well for a D & D comic book!
    Story #1 The Duke of Darkness..not only do the kids have to fight and survive an evil enity who is even worse than Vengers No name master...but they have to fight their Evil Twins as well!
    Story #2 "Finis"{parts 1 & 2} Venger has his Revenge against not only the kids but also Varla, Kareena and Terri as well!
    Story # 3 "The Rip Van Winkle Children" after redeeming Venger, the Kids go back home to earth...only to find to their horror that this is Earth 2017...34 years after their disappearance !
    Story # 4 "Destiny" {a follow up to The Rip Van Winkle Children" Resigned to being in the Realm...the Kids come against evil characthers ...until only Hank and Eric are left alive...against He those name cannot be spoken...where their Destiny of why the Kids came to be in the Realm is finally revealed! {Note it was neither Venger nor Dungeonmaster who brought them their in the first place!} Also the fates of Varla, Terri and Kraeena are also revealed as well!

  9. P.S. to the last message
    Story #5 "Shelia-Karena Chronicle" in an alternative parallel universe version of D & D Requiram interfence by Tiamat stops the kids from redeeming Venger which resuls in Shelia [being the only survivor of the kids] and her friend Karena being executed as traitors to the rule of ...Venger!