Celestial Knights

The Celestial Knights were mystical warriors that battled evil and rode war-birds as steeds that they summoned by blowing into a conch. The have a mystical tower named after them that holds the Circle of Power.

Dungeon Master explains to the heroes in front of an embarrassed Dekkion the history of the Celestial Knights, "Centuries ago the battle-weary Celestial Knights were betrayed by one of their own, a young knight named Dekkion. Dekkion was promised a king's treasure in exchange for leading the knights into a trap." Dekkion claims that the Celestial Knights are now all gone, presumably perishing in the trap or having survived but died from old age.


  1. These warriors looked really tough. An episode where the kids travel back in time within the realm to fight along side these celestial knights i thought would of been amazing!

    1. ...yeah! My third favorite episode. I'd wish Dekion would recruit new knights.

  2. it says they were mystical warriors, sounds like fighter/mage types. i always pictured them as paladins.
    i created my own group of super knights as a backgropund to a campaign and gave them all different powers and items, i.e. one guy was frost barbarian with frost armor and weapons, one guy was a psionic monk type, etc, 12 in all the knight of darkness became evil and became the worlds first death knight (d&d style) with ten magic rings like mandarin. (magic armband relics that allowed him to do this.) you get the point. but they could have had their own cartoon as far as im concerned


  3. My rec teacher created a game called celestial knights

  4. i think duel class of fighter or ranger / cleric or paladin/Magic user would be interesting but they need to be recruited after proving they are worthy min level 12