Child Of The Stargazer

The script can be read here but below is a synopsis.

Diana is washing her face in a stream (and idly humming the cartoon's theme music) while the other heroes are relaxing in beautiful countryside when she hears a rustling from a nearby bush and extends her javelin in preparation for conflict. The others surround the bush with their totems also readied but it is not a  monster and instead a ragged man emerges and collapses in Diana's arms.

A despondent king Travar is seated in his throne room when he is approached by Queen Syrith. She accuses him of releasing somebody from the dungeons adding that it is no coincidence that he escaped on the eve of Starfall and is the only one who can fulfil a prophecy that will end her reign as queen. She commands him to recapture the escapee.

The ragged man introduces himself as Kosar and explains that he has been locked in a dungeon in the city of Torad by the queen for ten years. He protests his innocence explaining that he has done nothing but was imprisoned because of what he could do on Starfall. He decides against explaining further but Dungeon Master appears and urges him to tell his story so that the heroes can help. Dungeon Master explains: "And on the night of Starfall the child of the stargazer shall come from a faraway land to stand in the Temple Of Light. The demon shall be banished and the child shall journey home." Kosar confesses that he is the child of the stargazer - having a father who is an astrologer and coming from a distant land - and that queen Syrith imprisoned him to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

The heroes vow to help Kosar but are attacked by doombat-mounted Torad guards. The heroes fend off the assault and begin marching in the direction of Torad before more doombat-riders arrive, confident that they can deal with the demon until Kosar explains that the queen is the demon.

In her tower queen Syrith punishes the doombat-riders for failing to capture Kosar. Outside the temple prince Droga congratulates his father for releasing Kosar but says that his escape will be pointless unless they can open the temple for him. He rushes towards the temple's door to strike it with his sword but is repelled by mystic energy. Travar explains that Syrith's magic seals it but that there is another way inside.

The exhausted heroes trek on towards Toard while Kosar, Diana and Uni lag behind while Diana explains to Kosar what her world is like. Eric claims that Kosar is in love with Diana and that Uni is in love with Kosar.

It is an hour before Starfall and an impatient queen Syrith resorts to alchemical sorcery to conjure Kosar to her. She brews a potion that will abduct the child of the stargazer via a mystic whirlwind.

The heroes are nearing Torad when Diana is explaining that she and Kosar have things in common as her father is an astronomer when the mystic whirlwind abducts the two of them. They are transported to Syrith's tower and the queen is surprised that the spell abducted both of them instead of just Kosar. Diana smashes some alchemical apparatus and in the ensuing smoke she and Kosar escape by vaulting out of a window and flee towards the temple.

The heroes are stranded as Kosar was guiding them to Toard. Presto conjures a map but it is a roadmap of Pittsburgh. Dungeon Master appears and tells them to follow the first star of evening; a glimmering Venusian style star.

In Torad Kosar wants Diana to leave the city where she'll be safe but she refuses realising that she could be the child of a stargazer and fulfil the prophecy too as she comes from another world and has an astronomer father. Starfall begins and Droga arrives to show them a trapdoor his father knew about that leads into the temple.

Meanwhile the heroes are running through the streets of Toard having distracted the guards by Presto conjuring a six foot tall rabbit. They find the temple but queen Syrith is there with some guards and orders them to attack the heroes as they are in league with Kosar. One of her mystic bolts misses Eric and shatters the temple door.

A shooting star enters the temple, hits a mirrored ball and projects a column of light downwards onto a plinth. Kosar runs to enter the light but is struck down by one of Syrith's mystic bolts who is prematurely jubilant that the prophecy cannot be fulfilled. Diana sprints up the plinth and into the light and metamorphoses into a giant version of herself composed of light and zaps Syrith who disintegrates.

Diana then opens a portal home and the heroes rush towards it apart from Sheila who is cradling the wounded Kosar and reminds her about what Dungeon Master said about how one of them must choose between home and the heart, adding that Kosar will die if she goes home. Acknowledging this, Diana closes the portal and uses the waning energy to heal Kosar instead. Diana and Kosar swap places and now he is a gigantic light being. With a fond message for Diana he ascends into the sky. She is distraught but comforted by Travar who thanks her for liberating the city. Dungeon Master appears and consoles Diana by saying that he is not lost as she knew him a long time ago and she shall know him again. He seems to be suggesting previous and future incarnations and adds that Kosar has returned home among the stars in a place beyond her comprehension. It ends with a tearful Diana listening to the chiming bells and cheering crowds of a jubilant city.

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  1. Quite a powerful episode in truth. Very good.