Citadel Of Shadow

On a mountain Eric is apologising to Sheila for mocking her when she stole a ring from some goblins and fled in fear. Orcs surround the heroes and outnumbered they flee into some rocky hills that are carved with gargoyles. The orcs are frightened of this place and refuse to continue the pursuit although Eric thinks he has intimidated them by pulling faces.

An orc chieftain tells a soldier to report to Venger that the children are trapped in the Hills of Never.

At nightfall the heroes are still inside the hills with the orcs camping outside. The heroes wonder why they are not being pursued and wonder whether it has anything to do with the intimidating gargoyles. Eric mocks Sheila for being frightened by the goblins who were guarding the ring the Dungeon Master had instructed them to retrieve, making her cry. Apparently the ring can help them return home.

Later on Sheila wakes to hear the disembodied voice of a girl calling for help. She decides to investigate with Uni but doesn't wake the others as she wants to prove to herself that she is brave.

Entering a nearby cave Sheila finds a girl called Karena trapped in a force field and under her instructions she reaches through and negates the spell by making contact with her.

In Venger's castle the orc is reporting to Venger what has happened but Venger senses that the spell has been broken and collapses onto his throne in despair, saying that Karena must be stopped.

The other heroes are now searching for Sheila and Uni when Dungeon Master appears and explains that when the Ring of the Heart is place within and above the Ring of the Mind then they heroes can return home. The ring stolen from the goblins was the Ring of the Mind. He alludes to shadows before disappearing. Hank decides to follow the direction that the shadows are pointing in but a rock slide traps them.

Sheila, Uni and Karena head towards the Citadel of Shadow as Karena needs to retrieve her Ring of the Heart that her brother has hidden somewhere inside. Uni does not trust Karena.

The heroes are battling against being crushed by the rock slide when Presto conjures some dynamite but discards it when Eric claims that it needs a detonator. Nonetheless, the dynamite explodes and provides an exit out of the hills which the heroes escape through. On the other side they see the Citadel of Shadow in the distance and decide to explore it as it is shadowy and may be what the Dungeon Master was referring to before.

Sheila, Uni and Karena enter the citadel but when Karena touches the door to the chamber that holds her ring she is flung away by a spell placed there by Venger. She is unable to open the door so it is decided that Sheila must enter instead. Uni is apprehensive and tries to deter Sheila.

Inside the chamber Sheila removes the Ring of the Heart from its pedestal and flees as the walkway leading to it collapses behind her and a bat-like creature swoops down in pursuit. Karena muzzles Uni to stop her bleats of protestation. Sheila escapes and gives Karena the ring but her demeanour become sinister with her shadow having bat wings like her brother Venger. She coldly informs Sheila that she has no purpose for her now and that they were never friends.

The other heroes enter the citadel and find Sheila and Karena but before Sheila can tell them what has transpired Venger bursts through the door and after revealing that he and Karena are siblings begins a mystic duel with her. Karena uses the newly acquired ring's sorcery to counter Venger and with mystic bolts flying about the heroes escape from the citadel and watch the battle from outside, with Eric using his shield's force field to protect them from flying rubble.

The citadel is destroyed by the battle and Venger's shadowy form flees into the sky while Karena crawls from the rubble. Karena is congratulated for defeating Venger but she is modest and admits that she would never have been able to do it if it wasn't for Sheila's help who seems surprised by this sudden reversal back to friendship. The grateful heroes ask her if she needs anything and she asks for the Ring of the Mind but Dungeon Master appears and scolds her saying that she cannot have it. Annoyed at the intervention, she uses her ring to teleport away.

Dungeon Master explains that there was a power struggle between Venger and Karena and that she lost and was imprisoned by her brother who hid her ring from her and also confirms that the ring Karena has is the Ring of the Heart that they need to get home. The heroes decide to resolve this by journeying to Venger's castle and confronting her.

The heroes reach Venger's castle and discuss what to do but Sheila runs off and enters the castle invisibly. Bobby calls out loudly after her but orc soldiers overhear and attack. Fortunately many of the orcs have abandoned their posts because their allegiance is to Venger and not Karena.

Inside the castle Karena confronts Sheila and demands the Ring of the Mind but Sheila denies having it saying that Hank does. Casting an illusion to hide where the door is Karena begins firing mystic bolts at her, hoping that Hank will attempt a rescue so that he can be overpowered and relieved of the ring, but Sheila turns invisible to dodge the bolts. The illusion over the door fades so Sheila snatches the ring off of Karena's finger and escapes.

Sheila rejoins the other heroes who have defeated the orcs and begins figuring out how to arrange the two rings so that a portal home opens. She overhears Venger threatening a defenceless Karena inside the castle and runs back to help. A grateful Karena instructs her to throw the rings at Venger. Sheila does so and the rings trap him inside a mystic bubble that shrinks into nothingness. The Ring of the Mind disappears, keeping Venger imprisoned and freeing Karena of evil but the Ring of the Heart remains. The other heroes and Dungeon Master join them and Dungeon Master returns the ring back to Karena. Sheila reaffirms her friendship with Karena before departing with the other heroes, commenting that she lost them a way home but gained a friendship. Eric scoffs at the decision before falling into a pit and acknowledging that he needs a helping hand from Sheila to be rescued.


  1. Watched this one last night,all in all pretty good episode i think,new fresh idea and some good action parts along the way.

  2. When I watched this episode recently, it seemed to me there were so many references to adolescent female friendship, and how teenage girl 'friends' can treat each other throughout the episode; for me it had a very different tenor to a lot of D&DC episodes as a result but a great topic to explore as a sub theme given the ages of most of the characters. I was really interested (and not surprised) to see it had been written by a woman!

  3. Kareena ring-made of the same red heartstone that Venger is allergic to in "The Traitor"?