City At The Edge Of Midnight

The storyboard can be read here but below is a synopsis.

On Earth Jimmy Whittaker is sleeping when midnight arrives. A red light glows from under his bed and he is dragged under it by the unseen Nightwalker, calling frantically for his father who arrives and witnesses the whole thing but cannot save his son as he disappears under the bed. Throwing the bed up he finds that both the red light and Jimmy have mysteriously gone. Outside a police car arrives.

Meanwhile back on the Realm, the heroes are trekking lost through a desert when Dungeon Master arrives. He tells them to find the City at the Edge of Midnight and to rescue children from both their world and the Realm. He disappears in a gust of sand.

Eric tumbles down a dune and lands in the Forbidden Oasis of No Return where he and the other heroes are attacked by hook horrors. Ramoud arrives mounted on a grummel and helps fend the monsters off and explains that the oasis materialises every year and that those who stay the night are transformed into hook horrors.

The heroes travel with him on his caravan of grummels back to his tented palace where they have dinner where Ramound explains that his daughter Ayesha disappeared one night. The heroes retire for the night and Ramoud gives Sheila a doll that belonged to his daughter.

While they are sleeping Uni senses something and the Nightwalker appears and abducts Bobby. The heroes and Ramoud try but fail to stop him. Ramoud then confesses that this is how his daughter Ayesha disappeared and that she is in the City at the Edge of Midnight, the city that Dungeon Master instructed them to find. The clepsydra strikes midnight.

Resolute to open the portal back up, Presto casts a spell while Diana holds out her javelin for Ramoud to strike it with his scimitar. The spell, the resonance and an energy arrow combined manage to open the portal and the heroes and Ramoud jump through and into the city.

In the city Eric notices that the clocks are a couple of minutes slow and then notices the Nightwalker's minions lurking nearby. The creatures then ambush them and corner them in an alley. Ramoud and the heroes decide to surrender rather than fight, hoping to be taken to the Nightwalker so that they can find Bobby and Ayesha.

One of the city's clocks is about to strike midnight when the minute hand jerks backwards.

Ramoud and the heroes are escorted into an enormous clock tower where enslaved children are forced to sabotage the clock's mechanisms with pulleys and wedges. Sheila wonder what the slaves are doing and the Nightwalker appears and explains that they are holding back the wheels of time and that they keep time frozen forever, and that the clock must never strike midnight.

The Nightwalker and his minions attack but Ramoud and the heroes escape on a giant weight that transports them up into the clock tower like an elevator. They deduce that they must get the clock working again so that it strikes midnight and jumping off onto a nearby balcony they are spotted by Bobby and reunited. Reclaiming his club Bobby smashes the pulleys that are holding back the cogs and the clock chimes midnight, destroying the Nightwalker.

With the Nightwalker vanquished the enslaved children begin teleporting back to where they came from. Sheila spots Jimmy Whittaker, a friend of Bobby's and they frantically try to tell to contact their parents but he thinks the whole episode has been a dream. He claims that it is Sunday night and that he couldn't go to the amusement park because of homework, which means that time is not linear on the Realm as the heroes have been in the Realm for much longer than one evening. Finally Jimmy Whittaker teleports back home too, leaving the heroes frustrated.

The heroes and Ramoud are then teleported back to the tented palace where they meet Dungeon Master and an awaiting Ayesha. Sheila wonders why Dungeon Master addressed Ramoud as "your majesty" and he explains that Ramoud is a king of a vast land to the east and that the caravan merchant from Kahdesh was a disguise used to search for his daughter. Ayesha gives Sheila her doll. The heroes than bid farewell and leave on a caravan of Ramoud's well-stocked grummels.


  1. Love this episode,you even see two action figures in jimmy whittakers bedroom just before he is taken by the nightwalker. Bowmarc and Orge king i think.

  2. Love the scene where they open the portal. There is an air of sincerity and competence which you don't often see (especially from presto!!) it really gives a dark feel to the moment. Fantastic episode and one of the few without Venger

  3. Yes totally agree,even without venger this episode is fantastic,one of my all time fav I think for sure.