Day Of The Dragons

Tiamat rears her ugly heads again as our band wends their way through a dense forest. Suddenly appearing overhead, she chases the group through trees and brush and bushes. Hiding inside hollow trees confuses her, but doesn’t get rid of her – Presto accidently accomplishes that by pulling a chest full of treasure from his hat – and treasure is what Tiamat loves above all things.

Eric flings the treasure into a clearing on his shield, which returns to him, and the treasure attracts Tiamat. She grabs the chest and takes off for her lair – a greater success than the band had hoped for.

They make their way cautiously through the woods, coming to a peaceful looking lake. They pause to drink and wash up – when another dragon rears its head right in front of them!

But this dragon is different: He’s a bronze dragon and he can talk! He tries to convince the group that he is harmless and good – and gives a pretty impressive demonstration of his magic abilities in doing so. He turns himself into a very cute and cuddly giant koala, which finally wins the troop over. Thus, Gerus the Bronze Dragon becomes their friend.

The good will doesn’t last long, though, for while Gerus is still in the form of a koala, another dragon, this one a deadly green dragon attacks from the air – and carries away Bobby and Diana in its Iron-grip claws! The green dragon is gone before Gerus can resume his natural form. Hank and the others are ready to take off after their friends but Gerus talks them into waiting…

“Listen to him,” the Dungeonmaster says, standing on the water a distance out into the lake. Attacking a dragon in its lair, he tells them, is a tricky business at best. It will be necessary to obtain some special fortification first – which Gerus can help them find.

Gerus is reluctant to tell them how to obtain the special help DM mentioned. It will cost them a friend! The band is willing to chance it to rescue Bobby and Diana.

Gerus directs them to a part of the wood where the Dryads live. The Dryads, he tells them, can provide a flower called Dragon Bane which dulls the senses of most dragons, except the very good ones.

They have little trouble finding the Dryads – the wood creatures disguise themselves as trees, and can only be seen when they want to be seen. Eric is leaning on just such a tree when the dryad there decides the time is right. He falls over as the tree disappears and the pretty sprite appears in its place. He’s embarrassed, and the Dryad finds this charming.

She agrees to help the impatient heroes, and gives them the Dragon Bane… but only in exchange for Eric. Unless they return the Dragon Bane in one day, Eric will be turned irrevocably into a tree to dwell forever in the Dryad woods.

Eric doesn’t like the idea, but peer pressure leaves him no choice. He stays, and the rest return to Gerus with the Dragon Bane. The magic flowers have no effect on the good dragon, and he flies them to the Green dragon’s lair, where Bobby and Diana are captive.

Beyond providing transportation, Gerus cannot fight the green dragon or otherwise interfere. The heroes are on their own and perform a rescue – with the help of the dragon bane which slows down but does not disable the evil dragon.

All looks good and Gerus is preparing to fly the band back to the Dryad when yet another Dragon attacks, this one a dreaded black dragon. Gerus is involved this time – in self defense, the only way in which he can lawfully fight another dragon. He holds off the black dragon so the band can run for it. Two more black dragons loom on the horizon and Gerus is certain to be killed saving his new human friends.

Time is running out for Eric, though. He has already begun to sprout branches and roots – and he’ll be lost to his friends forever unless they return soon…

Hank and the others know this, and it leaves them no choice but to abandon Gerus to the black dragons. Sheila thinks otherwise, as does Bobby, and they rush back to the scene of the fight despite Hank’s orders to the contrary. To further complicate things, they’ve taken most of the Dragon Bane with them! Hank decides that he and the rest had better get to the Dryad and talk her into accepting the single blossom they have left in exchange for Eric’s return.

Meanwhile, the daring duo assist Gerus. Bobby throws the weight of his club into the balance, distracting the black dragons, while Sheila drapes Gerus with her handful of Dragon Bane. It’s all Gerus needs. He out-manoeuvres the black dragon, and flies up, away from them.

Hank and the others, meanwhile, have their hands full. They cannot convince the Dryad to accept the single flower in exchange for Eric. Eric is looking more and more treelike – and more and more unhappy. Hank knows that they will soon have to head back the other way to rescue Sheila and Bobby - and heroically offers himself in exchange for Eric, making Eric promise hell see to Sheila and Bobby’s rescue. Eric agrees, the Dryad agrees, and it looks like Hank is going to be turned into a vegetable when Gerus flies into scene with the two obstreperous heroes on his back – and the Dragon Bane draped around his neck. The Dryad is licked – and both Eric and Hank are freed of their obligation.

The band - Gerus included – shows no mercy in kidding Eric about his tree-branch arms and root-feet, much to Eric’s chagrin and their (and our) amusement.


  1. This premise was fun to read. I would like to see this one scripted and animated. A few years from now, someone might be crazy enough to try that! (points to self)

  2. I've written a complete story based on this premise.


    Good work. (I've added a clickable link as comments don't automatically make a URL clickable unless you sandwich it in anchor code.)