Dekkion was one of the Celestial Knights but betrayed his order by leading the battle-fatigued knights into a trap in exchange for a king's treasure. It is not stated who bribed him to do this but possibly it was Venger who also cursed him and who Dekkion now refers to as his master.

Centuries later Dekkion now exists as a skeleton and recruits the heroes to retrieve the Circle of Power from the Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights claiming that he needs it to break the skeletal curse, but in reality he will give it to Venger in exchange for him removing his curse.

When Dekkion is betrayed by Venger, who also threatens to place the same skeletal curse on the heroes, he attacks Venger. When the Circle of Power is broken it creates a vortex that engulfs Dekkion who glows green and has the curse removed, leaving him as a normal young man. It is unclear whether the curse's removal is due to Dekkion redeeming himself by attacking Venger or by the Circle of Power's breakage.

Dekkion can summon his war-bird by blowing into a conch.


  1. Dekkion is a cool character! The war-bird looks cool also. Come on someone get the D&D ball rolling and a new cartoon done with all these amazing people in it,,so many new adventures to be had!

  2. Lord willing, I'm working him into the intro for the Requiem fan episode in progress. Here's a pencil test of Dekion.

    1. Hey thats good! Glad your getting the ball rolling on the D&D cartoon again. Thanks.

  3. Yep this episode is so good,one of the best or perhaps the best imo.