skeleton warrior

Dekkion is centuries old and has the misfortune of looking like a skeleton due to a spell put on him by Venger. Whether the curse made Dekkion immortal and his flesh decayed over time or whether he was metamorphosed into a skeleton is unclear but Venger attempts a similar spell on Hank that withers his flesh, saying to Dekkion, "soon you will have six more [the heroes] skeletal warriors to keep you company." This suggests the latter theory. Dekkion's curse is lifted when the Circle of Power is broken and he metamorphoses back into a normal young man who no longer has a sinister reverb to his voice. The curse also prevented Dekkion from entering the Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights because he is not "pure of heart" or "one who could be a Celestial Knight".


  1. That part where it shows Hank's flesh dissolving was creepy.

  2. Just finished watching this episode I wonder what the illuminate want to tell us