Diana the acrobat

Just a year younger than Hank is this tall, attractive black girl who has found herself entrusted with an incredible agility. It all stems from the magic javelin and, so long as it is on her person, she can leap and dart about like she never could in gym class. Her balance is phenomenal and her muscles work like no Olympic star's. The javelin itself is a handy instrument. She usually carries it on her belt in its tiny form... for she can easily expand it from a few inches up to six feet long, just by willing it. In its larger form, it can be a balance pole if she has to walk across a treacherous tightrope over the Waterfalls of Flame. it can be a pole if she has to pole vault across a moat, into the Castle of Yaru. It can catch and block bolts of magical energy; when a sorceress is hurling it at her, she can "parry" them like Robin Hood parrying the staff of Little John. She can hurl it great distances and will it to return to her like a boomerang... though if it is off her person for more than thirty seconds, she instantly reverts to plain ol' Diana. All in all, an amazing tool.

But then, this is an amazing lady. Diana is a brave, (usually) level-headed young woman who is probably the least intimidated by this bizarre world. Back home, she was the one who always loved to try new things. Here, she is the first one to suggest a new exploration. She'd much rather be home but, since they're here, they might as well explore. She frequently has to be outvoted on some proposal ("That's too dangerous," Sheila frequently tells her and is often right) but she always goes with the consensus. Sometimes though, there's no time for a vote: When she sees some wonder that cries out for investigation, she will walk right in... which often leads to trouble. There's a lot of curiosity in this female; also, a certain spirit of adventure that is hard to discourage and which sometimes makes their predicament a little less excruciating. When others may whine about how they dearly want to be home, she's the comforting one, finding the "good" in the situation: "Sure, we'd all like to be home. But, since we're stuck here, let's enjoy this adventure."

When things get really bad -- when the doom seems certain and absolute -- you know because even Diana wants to go home. Badly.

Her respect for Hank is immense, though she often wishes he were a little bolder. When he has a decision to make, she represents the "daring" point of view while Sheila represents the timid P.O.V. The decisions Hank makes are usually right down the middle and, usually, correct.

Biography copied from Series Bible.

Diana's father is an astronomer which fulfils the prophecy of her being the child of a stargazer along with Kosar.

Diana has a brother. Nothing is known about him but Diana comments that he would be interested in the Starfire One-Niner jet.

Hank comments that Diana made first place in the state gymnastic finals two years running with Eric adding she has many gold medals.


  1. Diana was pretty cool i thought,really level headed and held the team together in a good way with positive comments mostly,i think as a kid this show had really good morals to show children.

  2. Why do you have to refer to her as "black girl". We can see what she is. Why do you have see her as a race? Why not just a human being. Everyone else you start off by relating to what they do, but with Diana you have to reference her race. WHY?

    Even when you arent thinking racism you are still doing it.

    1. Her biography is copied from the Series Bible (as stated) and not authored by me.

    2. Sorry I dont recall saying "black girl"??????? Please explain.

    3. She's the token teen in race, like Bobby "a little kid/boy" is in age.

  3. She's specifically described that way by Michael Reeves so that there would definitely be a black character. It was actually being progressive on his part.

  4. I dont see refering Diana as black one, a racist comment. I see as describing a caracter the same way like asian, white, kid, ginger.etc. What s the problem of saying black or anything else? People always misundestand others so easily making big deal of it..Grow up please, and enjoy the story!!!!