roller-coaster car

Eric stumbles across an abandoned car from the roller-coaster ride and the heroes wonder if they can use it to get back to the amusement park. Before Presto can cast a spell to attempt this they are discovered by bullywugs who surround the car and vandalise it. Terri and her dog Freddy arrived in the Realm in this car.


  1. It makes you wonder what else is strange. In 'the Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow' (the episode this screen capture comes from)- we see the kids discover an D&D amusement park roller coaster car just like the one the 6 kids entered the world in- only you'd deduce it's the car Terri and her dog entered the world in.

    However, did the Earth girl (Terri) and her dog go on that ride alone- what in the world?-

    If so, that's child neglect!! What theme park attendant would let a little girl and her dog go on a roller coaster ride by themselves?

    It's better to assume that a guardian rode with them- and if so-where is that person? But since Terri never talked about traveling with anyone else
    entering the Realm with her- you gather she and her dog ARE alone.

    As you can see, it can quite easy to point out some interesting things about that show that don't quite add up.

  2. When they're camping for the night Terri says that she rode the roller coaster alone but that her dog, Freddy, jumped into the car at the last moment as if he knew something was going to happen.