Dungeon Master

Cross Obi Wan Kenobi with Yoda and you have the weird, weird being that serves as guide of this weird, weird land. Some guide! He's only sometimes there when they need him and, most of the time, he leaves them completely alone to stumble and venture all over the terrain.

The Dungeon Master knows all about this land (so he says) and he's on our heroes' side (so he says). But he has this maddening way of appearing, telling them something they need to know, and then vanishing before they fully understand it. He rushes about, always seeming to be in a hurry, and he'll tell them some vital, important fact about the next leg of their journey or about what they'll encounter over the next hill. Then he'll be gone and they'll be left to wonder just what he meant by what he said. Eventually, of course, they'll find out. Everything the Dungeon Master says has a purpose, even if it takes until the end of the episode to figure out what. But he speaks in ciphers and puzzles and he is constantly leaving them to figure things out for themselves.

He does not just appear out of thin air. Or maybe he does. No one ever sees him appear and no one ever sees him go. For our purposes, he will just suddenly be in a shot and the kids will look down, do a gang double-take and wonder where did he come from. Or, sometimes, they'll open up a door and there he is! He can be anywhere... or nowhere ... with neither rhyme nor even reason.

He doesn't just vanish into thin air. Or maybe he does. The kids will be distracted by something and, when they look back, no Dungeon Master! Gone, just like that! Or he'll lead them into a room and, when they get inside, he's nowhere to be seen. Somehow, he evaporated in mid-threshold.

How he appears and disappear is but one of the mysteries of the Dungeon Master. The kids feel that he knows all the secrets – including the all-important one as to how they can finally get home. Why doesn't he just tell them these things? Why does he make them go through one dangerous situation after another when he obviously could tell them how to avoid these things? Eric especially gets exasperated at the Dungeon Master's cryptic ways -- but they have no answers. All they know is that he is wise, that he seems to be on their side, that following his advice always turns out in the end although it may get very, very hairy along the way; that everything he says has a meaning if you can figure it out...and, above all, that he is the dread enemy of the evil Venger. Perhaps they have even been brought here specifically to combat Venger.

Like the kids, we see little of the Dungeon Master. He pops up from time to time in the oddest places to offer advice, though he never actually solves their problems; in fact, he sometimes seems to complicate matters. In the end though, they understand what he meant, though not always why he didn't just come out and tell them. This odd little man is one of the greatest mysteries in a land that is All Mysteries.

Biography copied from Series Bible.


  1. We had a teacher at school who we callled "D.M". I think he knew as well! Well i'm sure without D.M the show would of been alot less. I always like the way he disappeard,great act!! The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn was the only time i think where he was scared. And being vengers father gave the series more substance in my opinion.

    1. Mayhaps you know a "Karl Cullinane" as well, Scott?

  2. Dungeon Master name speaks his true purpose. He is the jailer of the world. He brought the kids to the realm and he keeps the kids there unwittingly in order to balance power or redeem Venger. He always had the power to send the kids back.

  3. Dungeon Master is a curious being. If you accept the theory that he is Venger's father and somehow responsible for Venger's demonic possession, you have to wonder why he keeps kidnapping Earth children and throwing them at the problem. He's probably under some sort of geass preventing him from directly confronting or even speaking about what to do to redeem Venger, but why does he keep assembling teams of outlanders who aren't even old enough to legally drink? I bet you he did send that first team straight at the place where Venger's key and sarcophagus were, and that first team promptly got dead. I suspect that's when DM started with the quests, in order to test the team's skills and bring them up to meet the challenge of getting that key and using it properly. I guess that also explains why kids, since adults would not think themselves invincible and would question DM's motives. But it still doesn't explain why Earthlings.

  4. They forgot to mention that dungeon Master is vengers dad... Sworn enemies, but family. Weird.