Dwarves, like their equally diminutive gnome brethren, only really appear in the cartoon as slave stock.

Dwarves are enslaved by the orcs and made to work in the slaves mines of Daramorn by Warduke. One dwarf reveals where the imprisoned Dungeon Master is in exchange for being freed along with his co-workers, and in the original script the dwarf frees Dungeon Master from his crystal prison with a hammer and chisel by using his gem-cutting skill to find the crystal's flaw.

Dwarf slaves are also used by Kawamung the ogre mage to dam the River That Rains Upside Down.

A dwarf who defied Venger was incarcerated in the Prison Of Agony by its reluctant jailer, Karrox the giant. The dwarf escaped later on when the prison was destroyed by an erupting volcano. During his escape he slipped and fell but was caught and saved by Karrox.

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