The Garden Of Zinn

The script can be read here but below is a synopsis.

Bobby and Eric chase an odd-looking reptilian bird through a swamp for lunch but it escapes. Diana is fishing nearby and catches a dragon turtle that attacks the heroes before grazing and poisoning Bobby. Soon after he collapses and Dungeon Master appears from behind a tree and says he cannot help Bobby because the problem is nature not magic. He then tells them that the antidote is the foot of a yellow dragon and that they will find it to the north in the Garden of Zinn. He then disappears back behind the tree.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Zinn a phantom stalker approaches the throned Queen Zinn and tells her that he has found a suitable knight to be her king and that he can probably survive the Trial of the Worm as he has been given a magical weapon by Dungeon Master. He is talking about Eric. Queen Zinn is relieved, saying that if she does not marry soon the spell will be broken and she will lose her throne, and orders the phantom stalker to fetch him.

The heroes stop to rest in a forest and a hungry Eric finds a bag of food belonging to Sorlarz and steals it. Sorlarz confronts him but after a brief altercation with the heroes allows them to have the food and offers to let Bobby rest in his cave, accompanied by Sheila and Uni, after directing them to the Garden of Zinn against his better judgement.

Following his directions the remaining heroes reach the Valley of Smoke but are perplexed by a fork in the road. A phantom stalker disguised as Dungeon Master appears and tells them to follow the road to the south but the heroes are suspicious that he has given such a frank answer compared to his usual riddles. A suspicious Eric asks him what he was named when given the shield and when the phantom stalker fails to answer cavalier another phantom stalker disguised also as Dungeon Master appears and denounces the other as a fake. The two stage a mystic battle and Hank defeats the Dungeon Master he thinks is the imposter, who then reveals himself to be a phantom stalker. Convinced that the remaining phantom stalker is the real Dungeon Master the heroes trust his now cryptic advice on taking the right fork. As the heroes depart the phantom stalker mockingly wishes them good luck before shedding the Dungeon Master disguise.

In the cave Sheila is looking for a blanket and opening a chest finds a robe, sword and crown and asks Sorlarz who they belong to. He becomes angry and replies that they belong to somebody never to return, referring to his former incarnation as Sir Lawrence.

In the Valley of Smoke the heroes find that fork's right path comes to a dead end. Suddenly, vines erupt out of the sand and begin dragging them under. The two phantom stalkers, again disguised as Dungeon Masters, mock the heroes' plight and reveal their true selves as the heroes are dragged under the sand.

The two phantom stalkers fly in smoke form to Queen Zinn to inform her that the knight is to face the Trial of the Worm.

Hank, Eric, Presto and Diana find themselves in an underground tunnel and trek along it, determined to get out so they can find the antidote.

Meanwhile in the cave, Sheila sees Sorlarz's apothecary and wonders if something can be brewed to help Bobby. Angry with her tampering, Sorlarz says that it can't and lets slip that he is under a spell.

In the tunnel the heroes are chased by a purple worm but comes to a dead end. Diana jumps on the worm's back and tames it by whacking it with her javelin. The others jump on and they ride the worm to the surface as it chews through the ceiling. Above ground they spy the Kingdom of Zinn and reckon that is where the garden is. Before they set off the two phantom stalkers appear in smoke form and say that Queen Zinn requests their presence, before sweeping them up and flying them into the throne room.

Queen Zinn announces that she wishes to marry Eric. At first he refuses but when she conjures a brimming treasure chest he changes his mind on the logic that if he is to be trapped in the world he may as well be trapped and wealthy. Remembering Bobby he then asks her about the yellow dragon, much to her amusement.

Escorting them to the garden she shows them an exotic plant and plucks a nodule off of its root, explaining that the plant is the yellow dragon. Eric remains while Hank, Presto and Diana leave with the nodule but Queen Zinn overhears them mention Sorlarz and orders the phantom stalkers to intercept them, adding that once she has her king the spell can never be broken.

The phantom stalkers fight Hank, Presto and Diana near to the cave and Sorlarz overhears the battle.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Zinn the archbishop is performing Eric's coronation, although he is alarmed at the references to dancing with the Serpent of Fire and battling the giant two-headed ogre, which Queen Zinn assures him is just part of the ceremony and not an actual requirement.

Hank, Presto and Diana are fighting a losing battle with the phantom stalkers as their enemies keep turning to smoke to avoid capture. Sorlarz intervenes with a potion from his apothecary and throws it over the phantom stalkers, petrifying them. A grateful Sheila hugs Sorlarz and sheds a tear that lands on him.

Inside the cave they give Bobby the antidote and he recovers. Sir Lawrence enters, having been released from his Sorlarz incarnation by Sheila's tear and explains that his sister Queen Zinn cursed him so that she could have the throne but now that it is broken she will be cursed instead.

Queen Zinn transforms into a similar creature and a horrified Eric flees his coronation.

With Queen Zinn dethroned Sir Lawrence returns to his kingdom and proposes to Sheila who declines as she and her friends want to find their way home. Dungeon Master appears to congratulate Sheila for not treating Sorlarz as a monster but a suspicious Eric accuses Dungeon Master of being an imposter and manhandles him, saying that if this is the real Dungeon Master then he is a blue-nosed baboon. Dungeon Master obliges and turns Eric into a comical hybrid.


  1. Liked the Phantom stalker in this episode and how the children win out in the end. Why o why this cartoon is still not getting the re-boot treatment is crazy!! So many new and old fans would make it a sure fire hit again!!

  2. This almost reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.