The Hall Of Bones

The heroes are fleeing through a jungle from simian bats. Hank fires an arrow at them but the energy arrow dissipates and he realises that something is wrong with his magic bow. Bobby tries to knock a tree down onto some simian bats but the club lacks the power to fell it. The heroes congregate beneath Eric's shield that is projecting a force field but that too dissipates. With their totems failing them they flee deeper into the jungle and hide in a pond using reeds as snorkels. They speculate that Venger is responsible and trek out of the jungle.

Venger and shadow demon observe the heroes from a hilltop; oblivious to the failure of the totems.

The heroes are pondering their totems' failures when Dungeon Master appears and tells them that the mystic energy that powers them is fading and that they must be recharged in the Hall of Bones by placing them in the Skull of Power. Diana asks how they will find it and Dungeon Master says they will find a guide but that the guide will want payment, adding "in darkness look to the light." He then disappears behind a rock.

The heroes reach a town hoping to find a guide but Eric points out that they don't have any money and takes it upon himself to do some ill-received stand up comedy about dwarves not being tall enough to change light bulbs and the stupidity of barbarians. This enrages a nearby barbarian that a nervous Eric has to placate with flattery. The audience hurl tomatoes at Eric's comedic attempts.

Diana suggests that Presto could entertain the crowd with some conjuring tricks. He conjures a chicken and the head of a fire-breathing dragon, before hurriedly pushing it back in again. Nevertheless, the audience are impressed and throw money giving the heroes funds for their guide.

They enter the Dragon's Tooth tavern to find a guide but find it full of monsters. Undeterred Eric propositions a table of three orcs but when the other patrons see the bag of gold they all attempt to rob him. Hank intervenes by throwing them a sack of what he claims to be coins but in reality are just bottle caps. The patrons fight over the sack allowing the heroes to flee the inn.

But upon discovering the ruse the patrons chase after them and the heroes find themselves in a dead end. A door opens and Lolth beckons them inside offering them an escape. Spying her torch Diana presumes that Lolth is what Dungeon Master meant when he said "in darkness look to the light." Trusting Lolth they follow her inside and into a passage leading beneath the town.

Lolth transforms into a hag and the heroes plummet into a pit to be caught in a spider's web. Venger appears beside Lolth and summons his simian bats to take the heroes totems then leaves them at the mercy of Lolth who transforms further into a giant spider and scuttles across to the web on a strand.

The heroes struggle but cannot free themselves. Hank tells Uni to cut through the strand which she does using her alicorn, sending Lolth plummeting into the bottomless pit. Uni cuts herself and the rest of the heroes free and they continue wandering lost through caves.

A cave wall collapses, possibly caused by the passing of Tiamat, and the heroes exit to find themselves on a mountain where they witness a battle between the dragon and Venger. Venger uses the totems to fire a mystical bolt at Tiamat but when the depleted totems fail him he discards them and they are retrieved by the heroes. Venger flees pursued by the dragon.

The heroes talk about needing to find a guide to reach the Hall of Bones but are overheard by shadow demon who undoubtedly reports back to Venger once he has eluded Tiamat.

Later on they meet Venger disguised as Hector the halfling who agrees to be their guide. They cross a canyon and then a mountain before reaching the Hall of Bones.

They place their totems in the Skull of Power and give them a test run afterwards, with Presto conjuring some carrots for Uni to eat.

Hector the halfling then transforms into Venger and demands the totems.

Hank fires an arrow at Venger who deflects it into the Skull of Power which glows even more. Hank deduces that when Dungeon Master said "in darkness look to the light" he meant for them to seek refuge in the Skull of Power, so the heroes hide inside much to Venger's dismay.

Spirit warriors that are those interred in the Hall of Bones converge on Venger and confront him. One of the spirits commands the heroes to leave and the skull teleports them outside. The battle between Venger and the spirit warriors rages within the hall and the shock waves cause the viaduct spanning the hall and the mountain's ravine to collapse, with the heroes fleeing mere steps ahead of it and Diana having to pole-vault over a collapsed section.

Venger concludes that if the hall is the source of the spirit warriors power then he shall destroy the hall, which he does, rising from the rubble before vanishing. The spirit warriors also rise from the rubble unscathed and float up into the sky.

Bobby comments that the totems will remain recharged for another three-hundred years and wonders where Venger recharges his "batteries" (having previously alluded that the depleted totems have "dead batteries").

Eric wonders whether they will ever get home and unheard from a distance the Dungeon Master replies "when the time is right, pupils, you will find the way."


  1. As the pupils walk through the crowd, one of them suggests they entertain the onlookers for cash. Eric decides to start, observing two puppets holding the crowd's attention. Eric, seeing how easy it seems, replies:

    Eric: "...after all, if this crowd goes gaga over two little dummies, think how they'll react-"
    Bobby: "to one BIG dummy!"

    Comic gold.

  2. Yeah this episode is right up there with the best,great story and adventure in this,wonderful!

  3. the gag of Presto taking a fire breathing dragon out of his hat..injoke reference to the Bullwinkle J Moose hat trick....which never worked!

  4. Dungeonmaster has an Irish brogue accent!