Hall of Bones

The Hall of Bones is high up in some mountains and is a gigantic tomb filled with the remains of the Realm's greatest warriors whose souls remain there to guard the place from evil. Inside the hall is the Skull of Power. The Hall of Bones is destroyed by Venger in a battle between him and the spirit warriors.


  1. Was a shame to see it destroyed,looked a cool place to see again in more episodes with all those old warriors. Could of had a episode where the kids travel back in time within the realm to help them.

    1. What travel back in time to a point when the spirit warriors were alive? That's an interesting idea as I always liked these guys too. Better than time travel involving... I dunno... Nazis. ;)

  2. It's too bad this place was destroyed. It could have been a great D&D Version of Castle Greyskull.