Hank the ranger

At age 15, Hank's the kind of kid who's always the leader in whatever gang he's in. Not that he asserts himself; it's just that he's such a likable, level-headed gent that most of his friends naturally look to him to pick the hamburger stand or movie they're going to patronize. He's tall, handsome and reasonably smart -- and, if he has any special leadership skill -- it's that he knows what he doesn't know. He has no pretense about being a great hero...no belief (like someone we could and will name) that any of them is equal to the tasks they face. He knows well that they're all in way over their heads but he also knows that you can't go through life complaining about how unfair it all is; you have to deal with each challenge as it comes before you. Thus, he believes in making the best of the impossible situations in which they find themselves. There is no conceit in him; he's the kind of "leader" who can and will say, "I have no idea what to do," rather than to bluff, thinking that will keep the respect of his associates.

There's also a lot of Good Samaritan in Hank. Often, they are dragged into a new adventure because Hank espied Somebody Big picking on Somebody Little -- or Somebody Helpless in need of Somebody Helpful. In those instances, he doesn't hesitate. He charges off to do whatever he and his friends can do.

The gleaming longbow which Hank wields in his role as The Ranger is an amazing artifact. It "fires" arrows of lights and instantly "reloads" itself after each firing. He pulls back the energy bowstring (not made of string but, rather, of the same glistening light that comprises the "arrows") and he lets a bolt fly. Instantly, another "arrow" appears in its place. And these are not real arrows; they're shafts of light that do what they have to do, then fade away. He can fire a line of them into a wall to provide a temporary energy ladder for someone to climb to safety. He can make them boomerang to scoop something up then fly it back to him. When a villain is fleeing, running towards the drawbridge to freedom. Hank fires a fast volley of his light arrows at the drawbridge controls and parts a rope causing the bridge to suddenly be raised and the miscreant to plunge into the moat. He does not fire at people to stop them; rather, he puts a little "English" on it and will stop them via the indirect route.

The Ranger has terrific aim and the gleaming longbow; all that was given to Hank when he entered the world of D&D. The courage, he brought with him.

Biography copied from Series Bible.


  1. Fantastic character,shame we never got to see the last episode. I really think a re-make of this cartoon done to the original or perhaps the children of hank,bobby,eric,diana etc in which the kids go on the same ride years later and enter the realm. Giving a whole new chapter to this wonderful tv show.And of course we want the same dungeon master to greet them.

  2. I want them to returnand anyone make new chapters!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE