In Search Of The Dungeon Master

The script can be read here but below is a synopsis.

The heroes are trekking through the Know Tree Forest and are confused because Dungeon Master instructed them to find the forest with Know Trees and they translated this as the forest with no trees. Diana guesses that he meant "know" instead of "no" and when Eric dismisses the idea as trees don't know anything the Know Tree that he is leaning against animates, startling Eric.

Meanwhile Dungeon Master, accompanied by a sprite, is riding on a giant snail when he is attacked by bullywugs under the leadership of Warduke. Dungeon Master, enjoying the challenge, easily fends the bullywugs off using his sorcery. He animates a thrown net that wraps around the attacking bullywugs like a constrictor and then when more ambush him he teleports into a nearby tree. However, Warduke strikes the tree with his sword and crystallizes both it and the perched Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master's pendant pulses an ominous red.

Meanwhile the heroes are challenging the Know Tree who claims to be omniscient and knows the way for the heroes to return home. Doubting its claim Bobby asks him who won the 1981 World Series. The Know Tree replies the Gray Wood elves, referring to a 1981 World Series that occurred in the Realm, and is scoffed by an incredulous Eric before it gives the expected answer of the Dodgers over the Yankees.

The Know Tree then warns the heroes that the Dungeon Master is in danger and reverts back to a normal tree before it can answer the question about how the heroes can get home.

The bullywugs are towing the crystal-encased Dungeon Master through a swamp. The heroes are heading through the same swamp when they are attacked by bullywugs who ambush them from above. Hank tries to reason with them before firing an arrow that explodes like fireworks and startles them but the ensuing battle is solved by Presto who conjures giant flies from his hat. The flies are a bullywug delicacy and the monsters abandon the fight to feed instead, snapping them out of the air with their long tongues.

The heroes flee but find themselves lost. Eric suggests abandoning the Dungeon Master and finding a way to buy their way home. Sheila scoffs at this idea and asks what with, suggesting fairy dust, while making a sprinkling gesture that causes a glittery substance to fall from her fingers. She and the others seem oblivious to this unexplained conjuration.

The sprite appears and explains to the heroes what has happened to Dungeon Master but only Sheila can understand its chattering language although confesses she doesn't know how she understood it. The heroes trek onwards, following the sprite.

Meanwhile in Warduke's cave Warduke bargains with shadow demon over the ownership of Dungeon Master.

The heroes trek along a mountain path beside a ravine but cannot progress further as the path is broken and too wide to jump across. The sprite tells Sheila that they have to fly to the other side. Presto tries to conjure something to fly them across but his hat is blown from his grip and into the ravine. Then a pride of lammasu fly up from the ravine and grabbing the heroes fly them across, returning Presto's dropped hat to him. Initially the heroes think they are being attacked.

The heroes reach Warduke's cave but Eric abandons them, finding it too scary. Inside the heroes encounter an earth elemental and the scared sprite also abandons them. Presto conjures a stop sign but to nobody's surprise the elemental ignores it. They manage to evade the elemental with the help of Sheila distracting it with her invisibility but are captured by orcs. Only the invisible Sheila evades capture.

The orc chieftain produces a barbed rod and points it at the cave wall. The rod fires green crackling energy at the wall and the cave splits apart to reveal the slave mines of Daramorn. The heroes are escorted through and it is here that they must work along with other dwarf slaves. An invisible Sheila sneaks in before the cave seals shut again.

Meanwhile, Eric is trudging through bubbling mud pits and spots a human figure that he rushes to for help, narrowly avoiding a tentacle that emerged from the mud and tried to grab him. The figure turns out to be a zombie and he recoils in horror and runs away with the zombie staggering after him.

Meanwhile, shadow demon reports back to Venger in his castle and tells him that Warduke has captured Dungeon Master for a price. Venger is annoyed that he has to purchase his nemesis and comments that Warduke has become either very brave or very stupid. Nonetheless, Venger wants Dungeon Master so decides to meet the bounty hunter.

In the slave mines the heroes are breaking rocks and an orc complains that they should dig faster. Diana counters that you get what you pay for.

In the mess room the orcs are eating and one asks what is for dessert. A caged and frightened Uni overhears this and buries herself in the straw bedding.

Sheila despairs over how she is going to rescue her friends.

A conversation between the heroes and a dwarf slaves reveals Dungeon Master's location on the condition that they free the slaves. The Dungeon Master is behind a rock wall and the heroes realise that they will need their totems if they want to break through.

An invisible Sheila creeps into the orcs' mess.

Meanwhile, Eric is trekking through a root clogged bog and runs from a snake, after lamenting that he would pay a thousand dollars for a taxi cab.

In the orcs' mess room Sheila releases Uni and tells her to cause a distraction so that she can steal the totems from the dinner table. Uni jumps onto the table and starts trampling about and kicking the food in the orcs' faces, before running away.

Sheila returns the totems to the heroes and they breach the cavern wall and enter Warduke's quarters where they encounter Warduke and Venger. Venger fires a mystical bolt at the crystal-encased Dungeon Master and his pendant stops glowing. Venger claims that this means Dungeon Master no longer has any life force. More bullywugs attack the heroes.

Meanwhile, Eric is running through a rooty bog, pursued by a giant turtle. He is apologising for stepping on her nest but not looking where he is going falls down a hole.

In Warduke's quarters Venger demands the totems. Presto obliges and removes his cap, takes Bobby's club and goes to hand them over but Eric falls from above and lands on Warduke. The heroes take the opportunity to attack. Hank binds three bullywugs with an energy arrow and Diana shreds three more bullywugs' spears by spinning her javelin like a propeller. Uni arrives, having evaded the orcs. Bobby shouts at another causing it to jump in fright and collapse. Sheila fools three more bullywugs with her invisibility causing them to lunge at where they think she is and hit a wall. Presto tries to cast a spell to free Dungeon Master but only conjures a puff of black smoke.

Warduke attacks Hank who knocks his sword out of his hand using an energy arrow. The sword cartwheels through the air and the blade hits the crystal-encased Dungeon Master causing the crystal to crack and shatter, freeing him. Contrary to Venger's claim he is still alive.

Venger fires a mystical bolt at Dungeon Master who deflects it back at him and causes him to vanish, then urges the heroes to escape before he reappears.

Hank calls to the dwarf slaves and they escape along with the heroes and Dungeon Master, pursued by Warduke, orcs and bullywugs. The heroes realise that they are outnumbered but Dungeon Master uses his sorcery to create a volcanic eruption, destroying the slave mines and causing Warduke and his minions to flee.

Bobby is astounded by Dungeon Master's power and Sheila wonders how he could have gotten captured with that power at his disposal. Hank speculates that maybe he wanted to get captured which garners a coy reply from Dungeon Master. Eric is exasperated at why Dungeon Master can't just send them home, scoffing at his "deep" riddles and an offended Uni bleats at Eric, causing him to lose balance and fall into a pond.

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  1. RE:"Venger fires a mystical bolt at Dungeon Master who deflects it back at him and causes him to vanish, then urges the heroes to escape before he reappears."

    DM changes Purple (Decepticon) energy to Red (Autobot. To me, it's an obvious nod to the Transformers, its sign transition....and Venger's future redemption...