Kelek is an evil wizard who wants mastery over teleportation. To obtain this goal he abducts unicorns and conjures the alicorns off of their heads as, it is the horn that allows unicorns to teleport. He needs twenty of these alicorns to master teleportation but only manages to collect nineteen and fails to conjure the twentieth off of Silvermane.

Kelek has a pack of dire wolves to assist him in capturing the unicorns but also uses an amulet to levitate the unicorns too. When duelling with Venger in a dispute over ownership of the alicorns he fires various energy rays and orbs but a notable spell is encasing the heroes in a glass or crystal shell to halt and imprison them.

Kelek has an impressive castle that is buried beneath a plain of thorns but can be summoned to the surface. However, when Venger defeats Kelek by trapping him in an orb he loses control of the castle and it collapses, sinking back into the ground.


  1. Heya Rogull,

    Was wondering... is Kelek a half-elf to your knowledge ?
    (ears being kinda pointy...)


    1. No idea, can't find anything about him on the web (apart from a kelek being a cantaloup). Never noticed the ears before.

    2. After some digging I found his description on it seems he's a 65 yo human... now I have no idea where the info was taken from... o_O