Lolth is the demon queen of spiders who is in league with Venger. When the heroes are fleeing from the angry customers of the Dragon's Tooth tavern she adopts a human guise and offers them an escape route, taking them through tunnels that run beneath city. She then transforms into a haggish spider hybrid and traps the heroes in an adhesive spider web so that Venger can claim their totems. Afterwards Lolth transforms into a giant spider and lowers herself down into the web to consume the heroes but Uni, prompted by Hank, severs Lolth's line with her alicorn causing Lolth to plummet down the seemingly bottomless pit that the spider web was spun across.

Lolth also features in two Waddingtons jigsaw puzzles, #00841 and #00842 and the 1987 sticker book.

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