The Lost Children

A draft of the script entitled The Millennium Children can be read here but below is a synopsis.

The heroes are caught in a torrential downpour and Eric asks Presto to conjure something to help keep them dry. Presto conjures what looks like an umbrella but is revealed to be a bat creature that flies away when Eric attempts to open it.

Dungeon Master appears and they ask him how long it rains in the Realm. He replies that the last time was for three years. He then tells them that he knows of a ship that can take the heroes home but they will have to find the Lost Children first. He then disappears.

Trekking through some ruins the heroes are attacked by the Lost Children but soon win the skirmish and Presto questions them about why they attacked. They reply that they thought the heroes worked for Venger because of their strange weapons. Guessing that these are the Lost Children Dungeon Master spoke of they ask about their ship and learn that it has been stolen by Venger and that their elder, Alfor, is Venger's prisoner too.

Meanwhile in Venger's castle an enslaved Alfor is repairing his spaceship. Shadow demon appears and tells Venger that the heroes have been spotted with the Lost Children. Venger states that he wants them eliminated but Alfor protests, saying he will refuse to work. Instead Venger instructs shadow demon to capture them unharmed.

The heroes stay with the Lost Children in a camp within the ruins. Sogar and Bobby leave to fetch firewood and Bobby is astonished to learn that Sogar is seventy-four years old. He runs to tell the others and one of the female Lost Children apologises and says that he is only seventy-three and a half. She then tells them that Alfor is five-hundred and fifty-two, which is middle aged. Obviously the Axon aliens have a life spans that far exceed humans.

In the morning the heroes and Lost Children trek to Venger's castle but find it surrounded by his army. As the group are unable to sneak in Sheila turns invisible and enters the castle, adopting a lizard man's voice and insulting one of the lizard men sentries to distract them. Inside she scouts around the castle, narrowly avoiding a glowing trip wire that triggers a falling cage, before going down to the dungeon. There she meets a prisoner who she thinks is Alfor but he metamorphoses into Venger and a startled Sheila is grabbed by the lizard men guards.

An hour later the heroes and the Lost Children are worrying about Sheila not returning when Dungeon Master appears to tell them that they are all in great danger but in defeat they shall find victory. He disappears and they are attacked by cyclopes riding pterodactyls. They heroes fight a losing battle until Presto casts a spell that vanishes their opponents, leaving only their cloaks and staffs.

Using these as a disguise, Hank, Presto, Eric and Diana pretend to be the Cyclopes and escort Bobby, Uni and the Lost Children into the castle, by overhearing an orc use a password and repeating it for the lizard men sentries. An observing Venger and shadow demon are fooled by this ruse.

The heroes ask an orc for directions to the dungeon who obliges but they are spotted by shadow demon. Following the orc's directions they approach cell 3 where they think Sheila will be but mistakenly open cell 13 as the 1 is obscured by dirt, releasing a monster. Overhearing the commotion the orc guards deduce that it is Dungeon Master's spies. Hank knocks the monster back into the cell with an energy arrow and the heroes deal with the orc guards before rescuing Sheila.

Eric releases Alfor but is startled by his ursine appearance and thinks he is a monster that's eaten Alfor. The Lost Children explain that it is Alfor and that they adult Axon aliens look ursine.

Disguised as cyclopes, by stacking each other on shoulders so that the four cloaks can accommodate the group, Alfor leads them to where the spaceship is. (The Cyclopes' cloaks seem to be magically change to fit the wearer as they are now much longer and this explains Eric's comment when approaching the castle in disguise about the oddness of how the cloaks fit.)

Presto is surprised to see the ship is actually a spaceship and Ovino explains that they are aliens who crash landed on the Realm.

Venger and his lizard men storm the hanger. Eric asks how to fly the spaceship but Alfor says the motivator device needs repairing. Alfor and Kular repair the spaceship while the heroes battle the lizard men with Presto conjuring a toy tank instead of a real one. Sheila lures two lizard men into tripping the light beam, trapping them in the cage suspended above. More lizard men enter and overwhelmed the group jump into the spaceship. Venger warn Alfor not to escape but distracted by the toy tank he stamps on it, only for it to explode. Using this opportunity, Alfor pilots the spaceship out of the castle, despite Venger trying to stop them by activating crushing shutters on the window they are escaping through.

Undeterred, Venger fires a mystic bolt at the spaceship, damaging its engines and causing it to crash. Witnessing the explosion Venger presumes all are dead and the totems destroyed but the heroes and the Axon aliens have all survived. Alfor says he can repair the ship but it will take him about fifteen years. The Lost Children, with their extended lifespans, are happy with this news but the heroes obviously cannot wait this long. Wishing the Axon aliens good luck, the heroes depart.

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