Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights

The Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights is an impossibly tall and slender tower that is bigger on the inside than the outside. Dekkion claims it is held up by magic and that only one who is pure of heart and may be a Celestial Knight may enter the tower and survive its test of courage. Those who enter the tower are confronted with their greatest fear.

The tower holds the Circle of Power inside its treasury along with a crystal ball.

The eyes of decorative gargoyles glow red when the heroes pass by and Presto states that he feels like someone is looking inside his brain. These gargoyles could be the tower reading their minds to evaluate their fears. One of the gargoyles animates and grabs Sheila's cloak, possibly to frighten her as this is the tower's purpose. Afterwards a hole opens up in the ground and Sheila falls through into a desolate dimension, as her fear is being alone.

The tower has a mirrored hall with one mirror reflecting the viewer's worst fear before making that image reality. For Bobby who is self conscious about his juvenile status it is to be turned into a helpless infant but for the gymnast Diana it is to age into an equally helpless crone. Uni reflects no image; possibly because she is not eligible to be a Celestial Knight so the tower ignores her. To worsen the horror, monsters emerge from the mirrors and terrorize the vulnerable trio.

The tower can shift its architecture and separates Hank from his friends by sealing an archway and then later collapsing a stairwell he is running up behind him with the steps tumbling away into a void.

The tower is responsible for teleporting Presto and Eric into a woodland when one of the magician's spells goes characteristically wrong, but whether this woodland is in the actual Realm or somewhere inside the dimensionally massive tower is unknown.

It is unclear why the tower is considered lost. Possibly the location was kept secret from the majority of the Celestial Knights, Dekkion included. Another possibility is that this magical tower does not have a fixed position and materialised at a secret or random location making its whereabouts lost to the knights. The tower may also teleport randomly around the Realm so that it is forever lost in that sense.

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