Martha is woman who leads a nomadic life travelling in a caravan pulled by a horned beast. Her nomadic existence is enforced by people's suspicion that she is connected to the Darkling, although she protests her innocence. Her innocence is questioned though as she can generate an aura of light that destroys the Darkling and his supernatural fog; suggesting a connection of sorts. Despite this power she is reluctant to confront the Darkling until encouraged by the heroes.

Martha knows the Dungeon Master but is hostile towards him, commenting that he ruined her life the last time they met but does not explain further. Dungeon Master dubs Martha the Light Bearer and it is possible she may have been a former pupil of his.

Martha has a pet named Gweekin.

Martha may not be indigenous to the Realm and a fellow abductee as she has a photograph of her family dressed in Victorian clothes and wears glasses, all of which seem anachronistic to this medieval world.


  1. I believe that's right. The photograph pretty much gives all that away, if you ask me. I wonder what her story would be. Something to think about. Someone will write a fanfic to explain it one day.

  2. I like to think so. Which one do you think Martha is in the photograph? The mother or the daughter?

  3. Whoa! Sweet! LOVE the new layout. *admires* Hey, if you ever put a "Follow Me" link on here, I'll subscribe.

    Anyway. Martha has to be the one in the middle, I'd say. 1. She's front and center. 2. Her hair is similar. 3. The idea of the show is children lost in the Realm, so she has our sympathy as another child of Earth in the Realm who never saw her parents again.

  4. probably that picture is of Martha as a child...that she came to the Realm...but she was separated from her family..[for which she blames Dungeonmaster} .and that for over perhaps 100 years she has been conftonting the demon of darkness