Maze of Darkness

The maze was built by Venger a thousand years ago with a portal home surmounted on a ziggurat in the centre of it. The purpose of the maze is to lure people to their deaths who seek a way home from the Realm. Dungeon Master claims that nobody has survived the maze and reached the portal.

The maze is trapped with pitfalls, shifting segments, walls that growl and collapse inwards in an attempt to bury travellers but most sinister are the hypnotic lights that make people hate and attack each other. The heroes encounter the an armoured army of victims that had fallen foul of the latter and killed each other. Nonetheless the maze is successfully navigated by the heroes with the help of Terri who dreamed about the exit path. This is fortunate as Venger deprived them the choice of leaving the maze by fusing the door entrance shut.

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