The Mines Of Minosia

We open with our band narrowly escaping a band of mercenary Trolls by ducking into a secluded cave. It was the right move -- for the Trolls and their employers, the Mine Ogres. But it looks pretty bad for our heroes as they are surprised, disarmed and dragged off by the Ogres to work in the Mines of Minosia.

They descend deeper into the earth than anyone would dream possible, and they are confronted with the horrible sight of dozens of captives labouring to mine the precious metal Norgacite -- the metal that gives the Master of Norg his magical powers.

The band of heroes must regain their own magical talismans and escape -- and all they have is Presto and his hat (it didn't look like a weapon, so the Ogres didn't take it from him). He tries to cast a spell on the Ogres to put them to sleep. He fails, but he did succeed in casting an unexpected spell -- the spell of darkness. All the lights in the mine go out, leaving our heroes visible only by the heat of their bodies (visible to us as dim red figures).

They find their way to the weapons, reclaim them, and start out of the cavernous mines. They're almost out when...

A vicious band of Troglodytes attack. But they're not after out heroes; they want the Mine Ogres and the valuable Norgacite. Our little band could simply avoid the attackers except that the Troglodytes have infra-red vision, and can see in the dark. Their only hope is to delay the Troglodytes long enough so that they can escape. Hank orders the others to run for it while he does just that -- with Bobby (and Uni) disobediently staying with him.

Diana leads the others out, pursued by two Mine Ogres through the Minosian swamp which surrounds the Black Castle, the domicile of the Master of Norg. Sheila and a reluctant Eric create a diversion which throws them off the trail.

Suddenly there is a terrific cheering from the mines. The two Ogres realise that the Troglodytes have won the battle and they rush off to the Black Castle to warn their Master.

It looks pretty dim for Hank and Bobby if the Troglodytes really have won, but it's pointless for them all to rush back to the mines to save them. Diana talks them into seeking the solution in the Black Castle itself -- a course nobody seems to like.

Finally Sheila volunteers her stealth to get into the Castle alone while the others stand guard outside.

In the Castle, Torbolt is listening angrily to the other two Mine Ogres. He is a giant Warlord, able to use the magical Pool of Vision which is powered by the Norgacite. He already knows of the defeat at the mine and plans to use the Pool of Vision to direct a counter attack.

Sheila overhears this -- and plans to use the Pool of Vision herself to locate Hank, Bobby and Uni before the Ogres can muster their attack. She uses her stealth to evade Torbolt and get to the Pool. In it she sees many vision -- for the pool responds to its user's thoughts. She sees visions of home, then clears her head and concentrates on the Mine. Finally she finds Hank and Bobby -- in chains, captives of the victorious Troglodytes.

Sheila, in her impetuous fashion, decides to return to the Mines alone. She finds Hank's and Bobby's weapons and, with Uni's help, returns them to the captives. They escape from their bonds, fight their way past two Troglodyte guards, and got to join the others hiding near the Castle walls -- only to find themselves confronted by the Mine Ogres and Torbolt himself.

Bobby uses his magic club to bring down a portion of the Castle wall -- right between the band of heroes and the threatening Minosians. They use the time this buys them to escape -- and to get as far away from the Black Castle and from the Mines of Minosia as they can.

Sheila starts to tell the others about the visions she saw in the Pool, but refrains, not at all sure of what she really saw. She just files it away in her quiet fashion for future use. It's been one close call after another, but they've escaped -- to contine their journey.

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  1. Such great ideas here. Wonderful