The Night Of No Tomorrow

The heroes pause to admire the view and check out the echo. Uni joins in but her bleating echoes wakes up Tiamat who was sleeping in a nearby cave and is annoyed by the interruption and confronts the heroes. Bobby recklessly attacks her but Hank saves him from danger by firing an arrow that sweeps him away from the dragon; pinning his club to a rock with an energy arrow.

Sheila lures Tiamat back into the cave but turns invisible and sneaks back out. Bobby then knocks a boulder down in front of the cave mouth; sealing the dragon within. Oddly she doesn't try to free herself and seems to admit this defeat; perhaps still diligently looking for Sheila.

Dungeon Master appears and tells the heroes that tonight there is a celebration in the village of Helix and that they may find something there that will help them return home. The celebration is the millennial anniversary of Merlin using a spell to banish the fire-breathing dragons that plagued the village. Dungeon Master also warns the heroes about the disguises of Venger and that they will recognise his newest disguise by his white hare. (The heroes understandably misconstrue this as "hair" not "hare".) Dungeon Master then vanishes behind a rock.

The heroes trek north across a desert as instructed. Eric says he would trade anything for his father's limousine, Bobby says he would trade the limousine for a peanut jelly sandwich, Sheila empathises with his hunger. Presto offers to conjure up some magic burgers but Eric reminds him that last time they ended up with live turkeys. Undeterred Presto accidentally conjures a cow instead. Diana jokes that she likes her burgers more well done. The heroes continue north leaving Presto trying to coax the cow back into the hat.

The heroes come across a sign pointing to Merlin's castle and then soon after another sign pointing in the opposite direction. Confused they wonder how they could have missed it until Diana tells them to look up where they see a castle floating in a cloud above them. Hank wonders how to get up there and as if to answer his question a magical, glowing rope ladder tumbles down. The heroes climb up but leave Uni behind as she cannot negotiate the rungs with her hooves.

Reaching the castle the heroes are impressed, apart from Eric who says that his father has a place like it in the mountains and wishes he was there. Presto counters the boast by saying that they sometimes wish Eric was there also.

A raised drawbridge halts their progress and Hank calls out but there is no reply. Eric suggests swimming across the moat but the moat turns out to be a drop back down to the ground. Diana solves the problem by pole-vaulting across and lowering the drawbridge.

Inside they meet Venger disguised as a grey-bearded but white-haired 'Merlin', holding a white hare as a familiar. A suspicious Sheila points out that he has white hair but 'Merlin' removes his hat to reveal he is bald and that the white hair was a toupee attached to the hat, alleviating their suspicions about him.

'Merlin' repeats the story of Helix to the heroes but Eric is unimpressed and says that if he's not going to help them return home then he's leaving. He opens the the door but is confronted by Tiamat, who has freed herself from the cave and is continuing her vendetta against the heroes.

Bobby confronts her and Tiamat breathes flame at him but 'Merlin' levitates him out of way with a spell. Presto is impressed by the sorcery. 'Merlin' urges them to leave while Hank briefly battles Tiamat before following the others. Diana leads them through a door which they bolt but the dragon easily smashes her way through the wooden barricade.

Chased by Tiamat they go deeper into the castle until they reach the dungeon that is sealed by a drawbridge. They formulate a plan by opening the drawbridge, getting Presto to conjure a purple carpet and then placing the carpet over the dungeon's entrance. Diana lures Tiamat onto the carpet by pole-vaulting onto the chandelier hanging above and the dragon falls into the dungeon. Lowering and bolting the drawbridge they seal Tiamat within.

Sheila hands 'Merlin' back his hare but calls it a rabbit. He corrects her by saying that it's a white hare but Sheila remains oblivious to this glaring statement.

Afterwards 'Merlin' claims that he is seventy years old and wants an apprentice, suggesting Presto. He must remain there for the rest of his life though. Presto accepts the apprenticeship with the ulterior motive of using sorcery to send his friends back home. His friends are astonished and saddened, blaming themselves for mocking his failed magic.

'Merlin' tells Presto that they will have to deal with Tiamat later and when Presto asks how answers that the the answers to all questions are contained in his spell book. He then leaves his apprentice to stir a cauldron but Presto immediately researches the spell book for a way to send the heroes home. After hours of study he finds the spell and casts it, but instead dragons emerge from the cauldron.

A panicked Presto finds 'Merlin' and confesses what he did. 'Merlin' then confesses that he switched spells so that Presto would inadvertently reverse the real Merlin's dragon banishment spell, as it could only be broken by good magic. He says that Merlin has been dead for a thousand years and then reveals himself as Venger, before confiscating an alarmed Presto's magic hat and informing him that the dragons are to attack Helix.

Meanwhile the remaining heroes have gone to Helix and the mayor tells Hank that the anniversary of the last time the dragons attacked is their greatest holiday. A fortune teller predicts great wealth in Diana's future (as an Olympic athlete?) before spying the approaching dragons in her scrying glass. The mayor tells a startled Hank that Merlin died a thousand years ago shortly after casting the dragon banishment spell. Hank realises that the 'Merlin' they met must have been an imposter and they finally deduce that it must be Venger because of his white hare. Realising that Presto is in danger they ride on horseback to Merlin's castle while the dragons attack Helix.

The heroes find a despondent Presto but are interrupted by Venger who demands the rest of their totems. Bobby uses his club to cause a quake and bury Venger in fallen books but this doesn't hold him for long. The group decide to split up so that Presto, accompanied by Hank, can cast the dragon banishment spell again while the others have the unenviable task of distracting Venger.

Venger locates Presto and Hank while the others release Tiamat from the dungeon. The dragon is more concerned with getting her revenge on Venger than the heroes and confronts him and, after a brief battle, he escapes through a secret door, leaving Presto and Hank unharmed and cowering behind the cauldron.

Presto completes the dragon banishment spell and saves Helix and later explains to his friends the reason he remained as an apprentice.

Back on the ground below Merlin's castle the heroes watch it float away. Presto laments losing his magic cap but Dungeon Master appears and returns it. The heroes ride off but Eric protests that he wants a steed of his own rather than being a passenger on Presto's horse. Obliging, Presto conjures the same cow from the previous conjuration. Eric is not amused.


  1. Does this episode carry on right from the opening credits? I always thought this was right after the start of the first series when they have just arrived into the realm.

  2. There doesn't seem to be much of a time lapse between the intro. The scenery's the same, Tiamat is nearby and the children are climbing to a vantage point in the hope of finding a way home, so don't seem to have been informed by Dungeon Master about portals. Nor are they on one of Dungeon Masters' off-screen briefed quests.

  3. Yes its a very loose connection to the opening credits for sure. The bit what as a child puzzled me was tiamat flys away chasing venger and at the start of the episode she is in the cave. Oh well its still a great cartoon non the less.

  4. Tiamat the Dragon29/04/2012, 04:29

    I could have sworn in this episode Presto conjures up the amusement park while working in Merlin's castle. Does anybody know what episode it is where Presto brings up the amustment park while in a spell (they don't make it home)?

  5. There does seem to be a gap in time from the opening credits, and that this was not their first adventure.

  6. If you have fond memories of the 1983-1985 Dungeons and Dragon cartoon, or have ever been curious about it, here is a podcast that is rewatching all 27 episodes and breaking them down so you don't have to! Check it out!