Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman

Diana is being chased by a monstrous herd but is actually luring them into a river covered with branches and leaves to give the illusion of solid ground. Vaulting over the stream to join her friends the herd pursue but become trapped in the water. The heroes want to use them as mounts in a quest to find the Stone of Astra so try to pacify them with an apple conjured from Presto's hat followed by a bunch of bananas when that fails. The herd manage to scramble out of the river and pursue the heroes who flee.

Meanwhile a boy called Lorne is wandering the land looking for food when he finds the Stone of Astra. At a caravan settlement he tries to sell the talisman for six loaves of bread but is refused as food appears to be scarce. A wizard named Korlock spies him with the talisman and frames him as a thief and an evil wizard by levitating a loaf of bread into Lorne's hands. Angry caravanners surround him but the Stone of Astra fires mystic energy out, scaring them away. Lorne flees but Korlock instructs the cowering caravanners to destroy the boy before he returns to destroy them and they continue the pursuit.

It is evening and the herd are still chasing the heroes so Hank stops to fight, unleashing energy arrows. Lorne runs into the group pursued by the caravanners and the Stone of Astra defends him with further mystic bolts that scare them and the herd away. Impressed, the heroes invite Lorne to join them unaware that Korlock is following them.

Camping out overnight it is clear that Eric and Lorne have a clash of personalities and playfully put each other down. In the morning they continue their search for the Stone of Astra.

A hungry Eric and Lorne try to catch a jackalope to eat but diving into a bush after it they find Dungeon Master stroking the animal before it hops away. Seeing Lorne with the Stone of Astra the Dungeon Master implores him to destroy the talisman as it is a dangerous and deadly weapon. Both Lorne and the heroes refuse saying that the talisman is a useful defence but Dungeon Master explains that it only protects Lorne and endangers those around him, warning that evil individuals want the talisman for themselves. Eric defends Lorne by saying that he is the best thing to have happened since entering the Realm but Dungeon Master has disappeared.

Korlock uses his sorcery to levitate boulders and hurl them at Lorne. The talisman shatters the boulders with mystic bolts but the shrapnel rains down on the heroes and further bolts fell trees around them. Lorne struggles to control the talisman afterwards then heroes are angry with his recklessness. Hank remembers what Dungeon Master said and suggests that Lorne should destroy the talisman but he refuses and after an argument with Eric leaves the group.

Later the heroes prick Eric's conscience and feeling guilty he leaves to look for Lorne.

Eric finds Lorne but admits that he is lost and doesn't know how to return to his friends. Scouting about they find the caravanners although Lorne is reluctant to approach them for help because of his previous encounter with them. Korlock has been shadowing them.

Back at the camp site the heroes decide to give Eric more time.

The caravanners' chief denounces Eric and Lorne as evil wizards but before he can take further action Korlock teleports in and traps Eric and the caravanners in force fields before demanding the Stone of Astra. Lorne is uncertain what to do as surrendering it will leave him helpless. The heroes arrive, having decided to look for Eric but Korlock also traps them in a force field. Reluctantly Lorne removes the talisman and throws it at Korlock but the Stone of Astra is caught by the Dungeon Master who dispels the force fields freeing everybody. Korlock is given the choice by the Dungeon Master of owning the cursed talisman or destroying it but before he can make a decision Venger appears and demands ownership of it.

The heroes and Venger battle. Spurred on by Dungeon Master, Korlock accepts the Stone of Astra and defeats Venger with it. Afterwards he discards the talisman and sinks to his knees admitting that that was the first victory of his sad life. Dungeon Master disputes the claim as Korlock had the sense to relinquish the talisman in the end.

Lorne is adopted by the caravanners and departs with them in the morning to an unnamed city.

Dungeon Master congratulates Korlock on his wise decision and says that he is now free from evil. Korlock's body shimmers briefly with energy; possibly the mystic evil of the twelfth talisman departing him.


  1. Korlock should have just magicked up some bread to buy the talisman off Lorne. :)

  2. I just re-watched this episode today and I have to say....WOW it was bad. It looked like some intern had edited it together. I don't know what the heck they were doing. And then 20 minutes into a 22 minute show, Venger randomly appears??? Terrible. I'm a huge fan of this show and re-watch it all the time, but this one was....BAD. :-)

  3. One of my favorite episodes. I wonder how, in 1985, they were able to cram as much bromance into 1 episode as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Ben 10: Alien Force had combined over 20 years later. It can't be unintentional - I mean, *how* could *none* of the writers have noticed how this follows the exact same pattern of the love interest episodes ("The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow," "Child of the Stargazaer," and "The Last Illusion")?

  4. lmao the writers knew exactly what they were doing. Lorne was clearly meant to be Eric's love interest. It's even more apparent these days. Who was the voice actor behind Lorne? Does anyone know? I can't find anything online. Thanks for this wiki!

  5. Love this one. Quite a classic.