Presto the magician

In school, fourteen-year-old Presto (real name: Albert) was the kid with the Coke Bottle Glasses... the clumsy one who wasn't especially good at anything so he took up magic. He figured, that was the only way he'd ever be able to do anything that someone else couldn't do. He drove his friends berserk with "Pick A Card" and earned the nickname under which he performs as an amateur magician. And an amateur is putting it mildly; most of his tricks were unqualified disasters.

As a magician, he was a failure. he wasn't dumb; just disorganised.But that was before he received the Magic Hat that he now wears proudly atop his head in his role as The Wizard. And from that hat, he can produce... anything! Any object -- big or small -- can be made to appear merely by Presto reaching into his hat, uttering a few magic words, and pulling out... something! he can produce a live chicken or a steam roller or a map of Downtown Scranton or a Hot Turkey Sandwich with cranberry sauce. He can produce anything but what he wants. You see, he's no better organised now than he was when he was attempting card tricks in the school yard. Sometimes -- incredibly -- he'll actually produce what he wants. Sometimes -- equally incredibly -- he'll produce the wrong object but his friends will figure out how to use it to solve their current dilemma. (When a three-headed fire-breathing rhino is bearing down on you, you'd be amazed how handy that Hot Turkey Sandwich can turn out to be!)

The power of The Wizard is, potentially, the greatest power of them all -- if only he could get everything working properly. Presto tries hard; oh, how he tries! he is constantly trying to save the day and prove to his friends that he isn't an utter incompetent. (Actually though, it's not them he's trying to convince; it's himself.) Sometimes he succeeds.

He isn't brave but he forces himself to be. His role model is Hank and Presto often spouts Woody Allen style, self-depreciating lines about what a nebbish he is and how he'll never be courageous or strong or handsome or competent as he thinks Hank is. Presto's hero-worship, by the way, is one of the things that gives Hank some of his courage. Anyone who's ever had anyone look up to him knows that feeling: You can't let your fan down. Presto's attitude towards the other kids is very simple: He thinks everyone is better than he is at everything -- but he's determined to change that, someday! For Presto, being in this world may be a strange kind of blessing; you get the feeling that, if and when he ever gets out, the real world won't seem like such a formidable opponent to him.

Biography copied from Series Bible.


  1. Presto and eric had some great comedy moments for sure!! I think presto is underrated sometimes,but great to watch him miss-fire all the time with his hat!

  2. I think he was my least favourite of the kids because of those irritating rhyming couplets he did whenever conjuring something. (The nadir of this being P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster.) Shame, because he was a good character and I liked the humour of conjuring contemporary items to solve problems in a medieval world.

  3. Kind of liked presto the way they made him almost a coward,but he really tried to be more brave. My least favorite character was bobby perhaps,not that i disliked him. My best presto moment was when jimmy whittaker laughs at him saying see you tomorrow at school while being saved from the city at the edge of midnight episode.

  4. Michel vd Linden18/12/2014, 02:32

    Mind you when Presto's mind was focused, and he (instinctively) knew what to do, his magic surpassed even Venger's powers. In the Dragons Graveyard, he throws magic orbs instantly, without a rhyme needed, and manages to render Vengeless powerless to defend himself. That should speak volumes on the power he COULD wield if he managed to become more confident.

  5. What really happened at the end

  6. I think my favorite Presto Spell was " "Abraca-davy, United States Navy!" and he conjures up an aircraft carrier.