hat of the magician

One of the magical totems given to the heroes by the Dungeon Master is a hat, and this is received by Presto who inherits the role of magician.

The conical hat is made from green cloth and Presto can attempt to conjure things from within its purple glowing depths. Often the conjured items are contemporary. Usually he says improvised rhyming couplets before conjuring but these seem to be more of an aid for concentration as he has conjured things without saying anything too. The size of the conjurations are not limited to the hat's circumference, with the hat either expanding or the conjured item appearing beside Presto. Animals and monsters such as giant rabbits, a goldfish, cows, chickens, dragons, bugs, bats, giant wasps and termites have been conjured from the hat but never a person. Presto has made a previously conjured picnic vanish by stashing it back inside his hat but whether he can do likewise with normal things that he hasn't conjured is unknown.

Sometimes Presto conjures a spell rather than an object from the hat.

Presto is not the only person to have used the hat. In the P-R-E-S-T-O Spell Disaster episode Uni has conjured a flying carpet from the hat by gripping it in her mouth while muttering an incantation, and a lizard man has conjured a black hawk without using an incantation in the Servant Of Evil episode.

Below is a list of items that Presto has conjured from his hat, with accompanying incantation if any was used.

In the original introduction sequence Presto shows some beginner's luck by conjuring three noosed ropes so that he and his friends can escape the rampaging Tiamat.

During the introduction for the second series Presto conjures glowing globes that act as marbles, causing the pursuing half-orcs to slip and stumble.

INCANTATION: "Hey Presto!"

Presto conjures a cow in lieu of hamburgers. The same cow is conjured again when Eric demands a steed of his own, rather than sharing a horse with one of his friends.

INCANTATION: "Abracamere, magic burgers appear!"

Pursued by Tiamat in Merlin's castle the heroes formulate a trap for the dragon by opening the trapdoor to the castle's dungeon and having Presto conjures a rolled up purple carpet that is then laid over the entrance to make a pit trap.

Trekking through the gloomy mushroom forest and suspecting that there are creatures watching them, Presto attempts to conjure a light source and produces a birthday cake complete with lit candles.

Menaced by the snail people, Presto tries to conjure the creatures away with an incantation. Unfortunately his request to banish them from his sight is obliged with a bucket appearing over his head, rendering him unable to see them.

INCANTATION: "Powers that come and go in the night, banish these snail things from my sight!"

Presto tries to conjure a shield for Sir John but produces a makeshift one in the form of a metal dustbin lid.

INCANTATION: "Powers of magic that come with the dawn, make up a shield for brave Sir John!"

When the heroes rush to save Sir John from a mounted Venger, Presto conjures a horn which when honked startles his nightmare. After the battle Eric sits on the discarded horn and is also startled by the honk.

In an attempt to conjure some money from his hat to pay for a guide Presto produces a chicken which he discards, embarrassed by his failure.

In a second attempt to conjure some money from his hat to pay for a guide Presto produces a fire-breathing dragon which he shoves hastily back inside.

Having recharged his depleted totem in the Skull of Power, Presto test runs his hat by conjuring a bunch of four carrots that are gratefully eaten by Uni.

Menaced by dire wolves belonging to the wizard Kelek, Presto conjures a joint of ham to pacify them.

Presto attempts to teleport Venger to him but instead teleports himself to Venger inside one of his castles.

INCANTATION: "Abracadonny, hey nonny, nonny!"

Presto attempts to conjure the missing alicorns back onto the unicorns heads but the spell goes wrong and the majestic creatures have to suffer the indignity of ending up with honking toy horns instead.

INCANTATION: "Abracamere, all the horns appear!"

Attempting to replace the alicorns again and being reminded that Dungeon Master said the fate of one unicorn is shared by all, Presto successfully conjures Uni's horn back on her head and all the other alicorns return to their unicorn owners too.

INCANTATION: "Abracadoony, give the horn back to Uni!"

Frustrated with the Dungeon Master's riddles, Eric whips out a notepad and pencil and begins transcribing their mentor's words. Presumably this is one of Presto's prior conjurations.

Attacked by bullywugs, Eric suggests Presto pull an army tank out of his hat. Giant flies emerge instead which turn out to be a bullywug delicacy, allowing the heroes to escape while the swamp monsters are busy plucking the flies out of the air with their tongues.

INCANTATION: "Keruthen, zerbuthen, here goes nothing!"

Hank asks Presto if he can whip up a spell to stop an earth elemental but he conjures a stop sign instead.

INCANTATION: "Abracum, zabracum!"

A puff of useless black smoke is conjured when Presto attempts to free a crystal encased Dungeon Master.

INCANTATION: "Ohmannus, camere, I hope this spell gets us out of here!"

When Eric is metamorphosed into a bogbeast Presto tries to reverse the spell but fails, conjuring a frock and wig onto the exasperated cavalier.

INCANTATION: "Lymphs of lizard, ear of elf, please make Eric look like himself!"

A further conjuration to change Eric back from a bogbeast into his normal cavalier self produces a bubbling pink potion that when drunk metamorphoses Eric again but this time into a dragonish creature, still in drag,  that sneezes flame.

INCANTATION: "Abracazim, abracado, make me a potion that will know what to do."

A final spell results in a zap that reverses the previous two spells, metamorphosing Eric back into a bogbeast in cavalier armour.

Presto conjures a Frisbee in a confrontation with Kawamung but thinking it useless he throws it away. The Frisbee jams in the nearby waterwheel mechanism, destroying the dam and restoring the flow of the River That Rains Upside Down.

INCANTATION: "Hocus pocus, abracadabra, etcetera, etcetera!"

Presto tries to make an orc vanish by suggesting in his incantation that the monster goes on a trip but the spell translates this as a vacation, resulting in the orc dressed in a flowered Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts with his sword transformed into a ukulele.

INCANTATION: "Kabibble, kazip, send that orc on a trip!"

Harassed by a shambling mound Presto conjures a spray gun full of weed killer.

Menaced by a stone golem Presto conjures a cannon but one without cannonballs. Later, Bobby makes use of the cannon by batting it into the other stone golem, causing it to shatter.

Presto attempts to conjure a cannonball for his previously conjured cannon but produces a handful of ball-bearings instead. Discarding them on the floor they prove just as useful as an armed canon as the pursuing stone golem slips on them and shatters when it hits the ground.

Attacked by lizard men, Presto attempts to turn his hat into a cannon but a less conventional ammunition is fired from it in the form of petals.

INCANTATION: "Abraca-dannon, turn my hat into a cannon!"

Presto conjures a working hosepipe to combat a two-headed lava dragon.

INCANTATION: "Abracadaber... uh... Hocus, po... er... Aw, what's the use... I never get what I want, anyway!"

In a confrontation with Dekkion, Presto tries to teleport the skeleton warrior away but instead conjures a corded telephone.

INCANTATION: "Alakazow... abracadation... I cast you away by teleportation!"

Inspired by stage magician Harry August Jansen's catchphrase, Sim Sala Bim, Presto bases one of his incantations on it in an attempt to dissolve a wall in the Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights that Hank is trapped behind. Unfortunately he conjures a cloud of pink smoke that teleports both him and Eric into the banshees' woodland.

INCANTATION: "Sim, sim, salla..."

Presto miraculously conjures a presumably unmanned United States Navy aircraft carrier as a barrier against the advancing banshees. This is the largest thing he has ever conjured.

INCANTATION: "Abraca-davy, United States Navy!"

When Eric gets sprayed by a feathered skunk Presto conjures something to combat the smell and produces a gas mask which the cavalier quickly claims for himself.

INCANTATION: "Abracadabra, as quick as a wink, conjure me something to fight Eric's stink!"

Menaced by a twilight zone wasp, Eric suggests that Presto conjure some bug spray but the magician accidentally creates a clone of the monster instead. (Possibly the glitch was caused by using the word bug twice in a row during the incantation.)

INCANTATION: "Hocus pocus, Alacastoff, give me some stuff to make that bug bug off!"

Unhappy with using his shield as an umbrella during a downpour, Eric asks Presto to conjure something to help keep him dry. Presto conjures something that looks like a closed umbrella but when the cavalier tries to open it it turns out to be a long-tailed bat, that spreads its wings and flies away equally startled.

INCANTATION: "Alacawhatsis, let's give it a try... please give me something to help us stay dry!"

When the heroes are overpowered by Cyclopes Presto manages to save them by conjuring away the creatures, leaving only their robes and staffs on the ground that they later use as a disguise.

INCANTATION: "Cloaks and weapons drop to the ground, put Venger's troopers in the lost and found!"

During battle with Venger and his lizard men, Presto tries to conjure a twenty-tonne tank but produces a toy one instead that rolls away across the floor. Later Venger stamps on it and the toy explodes.

INCANTATION: "Magic hat, I'm gonna be frank, what we need now is a twenty-ton tank!"

Battling lizard men and bullywugs, Presto conjures a floating door that opens up in front of a lizard man and sends him tumbling through to somewhere else. Then the door slams shut and rolls up like a roller-blind before disappearing altogether.

Presto conjures dozens of mousetraps that fly through the air and snap themselves onto the tail of the monster that Venger had metamorphosed into.

Overpowered by orcs, Presto conjures a whirlwind that accidentally teleports his friends into a giant vivarium, leaving him alone with Uni.

INCANTATION: "Hocus delirium, pocus inferium, spell me a spell to get me out of here-ium!"

Presto conjures a birdcage around the slime beast called Willy.

INCANTATION: "Alacashim, zalakasham, give me a spell to get them out of their jam!"

Presto casts a spell that shrinks the petrified beanstalk and pursuing giant into nothing.

INCANTATION: "I'll fiddle with my twiddle and diddle with the middle and make a magic riddle that will turn the giant little!"

Trekking through a desert, Eric refers to an earlier instance when Presto tried to conjure some water but ended up with a goldfish bowl complete with goldfish instead.

Chased by orcs as the heroes flee towards Tardos Keep, Presto conjures some marbles and throws them on the steps which causes the pursuers to loose their footing and fall.

INCANTATION: "Abracadabra, and all those other magic words!"

Presto conjures an electric fan when the heroes are being chased by giant wasps. Surprisingly, the draft it produces is strong enough to blow the insects away.

Presto conjures a flying carpet but before the heroes can board it the floating carpet sprouts wings and flies off without them.

Having recklessly jumped off of the back of a roc after it was being pursued by a fire-breathing red dragon, Presto conjures a parachute for him and his plummeting friends.

INCANTATION: "Hocus pocus, alakazat, do something quick before we go splat!"

Sheltering in the windy Moon Forest at night, Presto conjures an electric blanket for him and Eric to share, although there is no power socket for the plug.

INCANTATION: "From the valleys of Krelm to the hills of Zorm conjure me something to keep us warm!"

Presto attempts a conjuration to repel the orcs who are invading the Cloud Bear colony in their tanks but the hat just expands in size with a sneezing sound. Later Diana has the idea of using the expanded hat as a hot air balloon. Dungeon Master returns the hat to its normal size afterwards.

INCANTATION: "Just blow those bums away."

While being attacked by a swamp squid in the malodorous Swamp Of Darkness, Presto conjures a snowstorm of perfumed petals.

INCANTATION: "Abraca... yuch! Dabraca... phew! Get rid of that monster... and take the stink away, too."

Presto conjures a torrent of water in an attempt to extinguish the illusory flames of a burning building.

INCANTATION: "Bring a spell to quench the fire and prove to these folks that I'm no liar."

Fighting skeletons in the Dragon's Graveyard, Presto casts a spell that sends a crimson beam arcing into one of his skeletal opponents and causing it to fall apart, defeated.

In a confrontation with Venger, Presto conjures a magical globe and hurls it at him. The globe splits into two and pins Venger to a rock by the wrists, rendering him helpless.

Presto conjures a grooming kit consisting of an electric razor, flannel and brush for an unkempt Kosar.

(These were conjured off-screen so it is not known whether there was an incantation involved.)

Attacked by the doombat-mounted Toard guards, Presto conjures a mirror to reflect the lasers from their lances.

INCANTATION: "Uh... Abra-kazam... I mean Alacadabra... Oh, just gimme something! Anything!"

In an attempt to find the city of Torad, Presto conjures a road map of Pittsburgh.

Presto conjures a six-foot tall rabbit to distract guards in the city of Torad.

(This was conjured off-screen so it is not known whether there was an incantation involved.)

Evading the Nameless One, Presto conjures a set of highway safety flares, a battery powered emergency radio without batteries and a copy of Ranger Fred's Guide To Survival In The Amazon. Among the other discarded conjurations can be seen a vacuum cleaner, megaphone, telephone and Thermos flask in the hope of finding something to aid their escape.

(These were conjured off-screen so it is not known whether there was an incantation involved.)

Trapped by a rockfall in the Hills Of Never, Presto conjures seven sticks of dynamite that detonate even without a detonator.

INCANTATION: "Abracadabra and alacazam! Give me something to get us out of this jam!"

Presto conjures a picnic hamper to share with Josef Meuller. When the picnic is finished Presto shoves it all back in his hat and makes it disappear.

(These were conjured off-screen so it is not known whether there was an incantation involved.)

When the heroes are trapped in a forest fire, Presto conjures a canister of whipped cream instead of a fire extinguisher. The word FIRE can be seen printed on the side.

INCANTATION: "Abracadabra, hocus de pocus. Save us quick before we go up in smokus!"

Presto conjures an apple to feed to a monstrous herd.

Presto conjures a bunch of seven bananas to feed to the monstrous herd when they seem disinterested in the apple.

Presto attempts to cast a spell against the purple fog of the Darkling but fails.

INCANTATION: "Alalca-whatsit, Alacazam... Give me something to make this fog... scram?"

Presto turns his hat into a vacuum cleaner that sucks up the Darkling's purple fog.

INCANTATION: "One for the money, two for the show. Now is the time to make this fog go."

Presto conjures a colony of termites that eat the wooden door to King Varin's prison.

INCANTATION: "Hat of mine please give ear. Make this door disappear."

Presto levitates a stone tied to a length of string that he has lowered inside his hat. This spell was taught to him by Amber the fairie dragon.

INCANTATION: "Abra-ca-dabra and dabra-ca-zy, by the power of dragons, make this rock fly?"

Presto levitates King Varin and his army, stating that the spell will wear of in a few hours.

INCANTATION: "If rocks can rise, just like the moon, then make this king and his soldiers become balloons."

After failing to enter a portal home in the Castle of Clouds the heroes are seen sitting around with Presto cutting Eric's hair with a pair of scissors and comb and Bobby grooming Uni's mane with a brush. Possibly these were Presto's off-screen conjurations.

Eric produces a wad of dollar bills but whether this was from one of Presto's conjurations or money he had from the theme park that was unaffected by his transformation into an armoured cavalier is unknown. In the Master Thief Of Baal-Dur premise it mentions that Eric has a pair of Argyll socks, so some of the heroes' contemporary items may have survived the transition into the Realm.

Hank produced a bag full of bottle caps in the Dragon's Tooth tavern and pretended they were coins. It is possible that these anachronisms were conjured by Presto too in a failed attempt to produce coinage and instead producing his typical contemporary wares. 


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