Prison Of Agony

The Prison of Agony is a jail suspended by chains over an active volcano. Venger uses it to imprison those who have betrayed him and it is guarded by a slime beast. The volcano erupts and destroys the prison but only after the prisoners have all been liberated by the heroes and Strongheart, who were imprisoned there themselves. The reason for the volcano's eruption is unclear; possibly Venger wanted to destroy the prison and its prisoners after he was defeated. Plus he created a two-headed lava dragon and then an image of himself out of the volcano's fiery smoke to threaten the heroes so had some control over it.


  1. Really looked an awesome place in the episode,be nice to know more history and events around it.

  2. I flipped out when I saw this episode. I had the Strongheart action figure - and when he turned up on the show...I was awestruck.