Rogull the red dragon is mentioned in the Series Bible as an indestructible and uncontrollable beast that not even Venger or the combined might of the heroes' totems can defeat. Rogull seems to have been a male prototype for Tiamat the dragon.

Below is the Series Bible's description of Rogull:

"Not all creatures are nice, however. The land abounds in dragons and they're nearly all deadly. One is deadlier than most. That's Rogull the Red Dragon -- an indestructible, uncontrollable beast that roams the land, popping up at inopportune times. Rogull cannot be defeated by any of the kids' magic objects; not even by the unleashed might of Venger! Rogull is not in every episode but, when he shows up, all other problems become minute in comparison to the hideous, huge, flame-breathing monster that is bearing down on our heroes. He must be avoided at all costs!"

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