Santory 1855

In the Prison of Agony is a barrel marked with SANTORY 1855, that Strongheart uses to hide an escape route. Presumably Santory is an alcoholic beverage with 1855 being the year it was produced. (As the cartoon had Japanese animators it is possible that Santory is a mistranslation of Suntory; a Japanese company that makes alcoholic beverages. The wording is ad-libbed by the animators as the barrel is not described as having writing on it in the script.)


  1. You don't suppose it is a reference to Anton Santory who wrote Alessio Dukagino, a melodrama, between 1855 and 1860, recounting the life of Lekë Dukagjini, an Albanian prince who fought against the Ottoman Empire. A reference to Strongheart’s (and our young hero’s) fight against Venger and the empire he is attempting to build.

    1. This is why I always read comments! As a bartender for thirty years I guessed it was an in-joke the Japanese animators did referencing Suntory, and still do, but your suggestion is wayyyyy cooler!