shambling mound

Lukyan the spellbinder was metamorphosed into a shambling mound by Venger. This was punishment for not revealing to him the secret of the heart of the dragon. Also in this inhuman form the gnome would not have the manual dexterity to wave a wand or the articulation to recite spells, rendering him powerless as a magician.

The energy from Hank's bow made the shambling mound grow in size.

Another shambling mound appears in the Tower Of Midnight Dreams book in the employ of Venger. The shambling mound travels around the Realm in a mobile swamp called the Travelling Bog and collects magical artefacts for Venger. This shambling mound is unusual as it can speak. It is not known whether this is an actual shambling mound enhanced by Venger or a person transformed into a shambling mound, as with Lukyan.

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