Sir John

Although describing himself as the "Official Protector of the village of Pendrake, and Battler of Beasts, Dragons and Demons," Sir John is a cowardly knight and is admonished by the mayor of Pendrake for being so, instructing him to perform an act of bravery or relinquish the title and leave the village.

Despite his cowardice he manages to dupe the heroes into thinking he is brave purely by accident. In the first instance he is being chased by a blue dragon and encounters the giant scorpion that the heroes were hiding from. The dragon pursues the scorpion with the heroes thinking he chased off the critter. In the second instance he chases after Uni in the mushroom forest after she steals his torch in a ploy to make him follow her and save the heroes. Uni drops the torch and when Sir John retrieves it only to find he is being surrounded by snail people who begins flailing around in terror with the light from the blazing torch repelling the snail people. Freeing themselves from the sacks the heroes again think that Sir John has saved them single-handedly. He later betrays the heroes by escorting them to the Valley of the Beholder but then abandoning them to face the beholder alone but was coerced by Venger into doing this on the promise of releasing his kidnapped son, Timothy.

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  1. Love them to re-boot the action figures from the cartoon,Sir John would be a cool addition imo.