A spaceship from the planet Axon that crash landed on the Realm with Alfor and the Lost Children as passengers. Venger has stolen the spaceship and kidnapped Alfor, forcing him to repair it as he thinks the functioning vessel will make him more powerful. Completing the repair of the motivator device, the Axon aliens and the heroes manage to escape from Venger's castle but are shot down by him. Alfor estimates that the repairs will take a further fifteen years.

Dungeon Master says that the spaceship is capable of taking the heroes home, implying some form of dimensional travel as well as interstellar.

Some viewers noted that the spaceship's design includes what looks like the number 666 which fuelled the rumours about the cartoon being Satanic.


  1. The spaceship here gets talk of '666' on the side being satanic??? lol.Venger shoots down the devils spaceship in a 80's cartoon series! Funny how certain things start rumours of total nonsense really. The whole series is based on 'good vs evil' so if this is a satanic cartoon i fail to see any real connections at all.

  2. I wonder if this has any link to Spelljammer?

  3. The three sixes are obviously deliberate. I wonder what Gygax and/or the writers had in mind. Personaly I don't care about it being satanic. By that I mean I don' subscribe to the western christian dicodomy.