spirit warriors

These are the spirits of the Realm's greatest warriors interred in the Hall of Bones. When Venger confronts the heroes inside the hall the spirits manifest and do battle with him. Venger concludes that the Skull of Power is the source of their power so obliterates it with an explosion that destroys the hall but the spirits survive and ascend into the sky. According to legend it is the spirit warriors that makes the Skull of Power glow, and possibly it is their power that enables the skull to mystically recharge things.

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  1. Add trivia to amuse and inform...

    I just went frame by frame on the three tiny spirit warriors group scenes, and there seem to be three women among the men:

    (1) the woman in a pink dress with a scepter or wand; she's very easily seen in all three spirit warriors group scenes

    (2) the woman in the armored short skirt with a winged helmet; she's at the end of the line in the first group scene, for only a split second, and then a few from the end of the line in the second group scene, and not in the final group scene as the spirits ascend

    (3) the woman in a gray dress and a brown, hooded cloak, with a sword; seen only in the final scene, as the spirits rise into the sky above the destroyed hall.